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Carmela is cleaning out her wallet. She finds the business card of the private investigator they discussed earlier, and sets it aside so she can call someone to do the roof on her spec house.

It's Christmas, and the whole family is gathered at the Soprano house. Bobby Jr. and Sophia sit in the living room, watching A Christmas Carol and Casablanca. Tony and Bobby sit by the tree. And what the fuck? Tony is wearing a beret. Is this a dream sequence? Hugh is there too, so I guess he and Carm made up. Tony makes a comment to Christopher about hogging the ice, and I'm not sure if that was a comment about hogging the pussy, or if Christopher is so spaced out on drugs that he forgot how much ice he put in the glass.

AJ and Blanca arrive with Hector. Hugh comments on the diamond on Blanca's necklace, and she says that AJ gave it to her. Carm and Tony share a look. Hector runs in and squeals when he sees all the presents. AJ walks over and picks him up, and seems pretty easy with the kid. Carm and Tony exchange another look, but then Carmela is called away to talk to Meadow on the phone. Tony says that he kept his promise to Meadow, which somehow involves wearing the beret. Can he take it off now? It's creeping me out for some reason.

Tony finally takes the beret off as he and Carmela have a sidebar about Blanca. I guess this is the first time they've met her. Carmela complains that Blanca is ten years old than AJ, and Puerto Rican. Tony shrugs that Blanca might be Dominican, and Catholic. Carmela gives Tony a dirty look, like she's blaming him, and Tony says that she was happy when AJ started the job. Carmela leaves to take Meadow's call.

Christopher gives AJ shit for buying Blanca's gift at the mall. Tony says that he's got a guy and he could've got AJ a deal. AJ says that he's got a job now.

Bobby Jr. continues to watch Casablanca. Carmela walks in and hands off the phone to Tony. Kelli and Christopher kiss. AJ and Blanca sit together with Hector. Tony tells Meadow that Barb is coming by later, and adds, "Love to Finn," so I guess that's still happening. The whole family sits around and kind of stares at each other. Blanca tells Carm that she has a gorgeous home. Carmela puts her hand on Tony's hand and agrees. The camera pulls out on the weird, awkward tableau of the new Soprano family.

I have to say that I didn't get this episode. I didn't dislike it; I didn't like it. I just feel like I didn't get it. Maybe it will all make more sense next year, when the final episodes air. See you then!

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