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AJ goes out to a bar with some co-workers, and they trade stories about nail gun accidents. I've got one for you. My brother-in-law used to be a roofer. One day he started sliding off a roof, and he had a nail gun in one hand so he couldn't exactly grab onto something without dropping the really expensive nail gun. So he nailed his forearm to the roof. That's fucking hardcore. Maybe not the smartest move, but still. Anyway, AJ spots Blanca dancing with a friend nearby. They stare at each other for a while, until Blanca walks over and starts talking to him. AJ is such an idiot that he doesn't say much of anything. Blanca asks him out, but warns him that she has a three-year-old son. AJ is cool with that, so Blanca hands over her phone number. AJ looks at it and tells her that she forgot the last number. Blanca tells him that she did it on purpose, so he'll have to work for it. She's clearly done this before. And also, it's not exactly cracking the Da Vinci code. There are only ten options.

Julianna sits at the conference table in her office, alone. I had to pause it here for recapping purposes, and it's a really beautiful long shot that is somehow reminiscent of an Edward Hopper painting, even though it's a conference room and not a diner. Something about the light and color. Anyway, an assistant tells Julianna that she has an emergency call, and Julianna freaks out and picks up immediately, thinking that it's her father. But it's Tony. Julianna is pissed that he pulled that stunt, and tries to hang up. Tony says there's a warehouse that he's interested in buying. Julianna details everything that's wrong with the property, clearly over doing any kind of business with Tony. However, Tony wants to buy it, fix it, and flip it, letting Julianna take care of both sales. She mulls it over. Tony points out that even if their relationship didn't work out, they did make some money together. Julianna promises to talk to the seller and get back to him. She hangs up and thinks about the implications of doing this deal.

Or Julianna thinks back to how she met Christopher. On first viewing, I had no idea that this was a flashback and was really, really confused. Anyway, Julianna is at an AA meeting describing her aborted encounter with Tony, and how it led to her drinking some champagne. She adds that, given her history, it could have been worse -- it could have been heroin. Well, she is Christopher's dream girl. Outside the meeting, Christopher introduces himself and says that he liked her share, and that it reminded him of his boss. Julianna says that she hasn't heard him share much, and Christopher says that he also attends Narcotics Anonymous, letting her know that he has experience with heroin, too. Julianna wonders where she knows him from, and Christopher admits that he hangs out at Satriale's. Julianna puts the pieces together and says that she'll see him around. Christopher asks her to get some coffee instead, and she agrees. Which leads to them totally doing it in her car outside a diner. Back in the present, Julianna smiles, remembering. That's about when I figured out it was a flashback, because I'm kind of slow.

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