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Tony sits, eating ice cream and watching the History Channel. I would make a macro for that, but this time he's in the living room instead of the media room, so it's kind of different. But not really. He's also watching a special about Lincoln instead of Hitler, and the announcer is saying something about Lincoln suffering from depression, although it could also have been "forced introversion." Carmela walks in, all spiffed up, explaining that she was at the annual Christmas toy drive. She sits down and relates how she met a guy at the event who works for some private investigators, and how he thinks they should hire some guys to find Adriana. Tony scoffs, but Carm is like a dog with a bone here. Tony thinks that it could be "an intrusion into Ade's personal life." Good one. Carmela keeps at him, saying how awesome these detectives are, like that's going to convince Tony of anything. He'd be a lot more likely to hire investigators if they were totally incompetent, no? Seriously, how dumb is she? Do you think she knows and is trying to get Tony to admit it? Or does she know, but won't admit it to herself? Or does she really not know and is honestly worried about Adriana?

Tony walks into the Bing and orders Silvio to go lean on the building inspector regarding Carmela's spec house. Sil's confused at the turnaround, but Tony says that his wife needs a career, leaving out the part where he just wants her to be so busy that she won't have time to think about Adriana and what happened there. The two Middle Eastern guys are there, and they wish Tony happy holidays. No idea what the point of that was, except possibly to remind us that those two exist. Maybe they're working with the Feds. That would be a twist, because all this time I expected them to be terrorists, after the Matush thing last season.

Tony and Julianna check out the warehouse space that Tony is thinking of buying. Julianna wants to talk business, but Tony wants to talk relationship. Julianna gets pissed and tells Tony to move on. Tony says that he's not confused anymore, and Julianna says that she's not either. She slams the key into Tony's hand and tells him to "stick it in the lock box." Heh.

Christopher eats dinner at Julianna's as she reads his movie's screenplay. She really likes it, but she's not sure about the title. Julianna has some other suggestions, and manages to bring it around to a discussion of Tony. Christopher says that the boss in the movie isn't Tony, although there are some similarities. Tony always thinks that everything belongs to him. Julianna kisses Christopher and says that Tony is wrong, meaning that she doesn't belong to Tony. Christopher brings up the unwritten rules of his business, but Julianna doesn't really want to know. Christopher says, "It's just weird, being where he's been." Julianna gets offended and says that Tony hasn't been anywhere, and nothing happened between them. Christopher gently says that Tony has been there in his mind, so it doesn't matter. Julianna is disgusted and walks away. Christopher tries to fill the awkward silence with a joke about Tony and how fat he is, but Julianna doesn't bite. So Christopher walks over and starts kissing her neck. Julianna turns and says firmly, "I'm not a fucking parking spot." They start making out, and Julianna shoves Christopher down on the couch and starts undoing his belt. I like her. I think she's better than Christopher. Funny, I thought the same thing about Adriana in a way. She seems like a smart woman who just makes really bad decisions, and she knows they're bad, but she can't help it. I can relate on some levels. Luckily, I've never been addicted to drugs or slept with a Mafioso, but you know, I'm young. There's time.

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