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Tony yuks it up with some firefighters outside Satriale's, and then spots Christopher talking to Julianna, who then drives away. Tony asks whether Christopher knows her, and Christopher pretends like he's just remembering that Julianna and Tony had a thing. Tony says that he had to "put her on the shelf." Christopher makes up a story that Julianna is friends with Kaisha, his goomar, and Julianna was asking what to get Kaisha for her birthday. Tony, suspicious, asks about some of the recommendations, and Christopher tries to think what black people might like: " Luther Vandross, boxed set." Tony walks away without a word.

Julianna's apartment is a mess, and so are Christopher and Julianna. All drugged up, they move slowly around the place. Julianna is wearing only a bra and tap pants, and her body looks amazing, but Christopher is too out of it to care. They snuggle on the couch and discuss how well they've been able to integrate using drugs into their lives. Julianna lights a cigarette, and says that they're fine because they don't use needles. Christopher thinks that he should tell Tony they're fucking. Julianna points out that they're not fucking anymore due to the drugs. Christopher is more worried that Tony will find out he's using again. As Christopher worries, Julianna slowly, slowly gets up and crawls across the floor, where she vomits into a garbage can.

Christopher meets up with Tony in the Bing parking lot. They discuss Phil's heart surgery, and then Christopher brings up that he's been seeing Julianna. Tony doesn't seem too surprised, but wants to know why Christopher lied. Christopher says that he wasn't sure how things ended with her and Tony, but now he wants things to be aboveboard. Except for his drug use. Tony says that he doesn't care, and Christopher can do what he wants. Keep telling yourself that.

Tony bitches to Melfi that he was faithful to his Carmela, and now Christopher got the girl he should have had. Melfi says that she thought Tony was going to tell her that he was violent towards his nephew, and reminds him how he thought each day was a gift after he was shot. Tony doesn't get it. Melfi points out that Tony doesn't have to fuck every female he meets. Tony considers, and then says that all of the women he's been involved with were similar: "Dark complexion, smart, they smell a little bit of money." He lists off Melfi, Gloria, and now Julianna. Tony thinks that they're all Melfi substitutes. Melfi apparently refrains from pointing out that they're actually all Livia substitutes.

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