Kennedy And Heidi

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Kennedy And Heidi
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A dump truck begins to dump its contents, mostly construction debris, in a warehouse, until a supervisor rushes over and tells the driver to stop. The driver says he's just following orders. Some workers start throwing the truck's cargo back into the truck as the supervisor walks over and (in Spanish) asks a teenager sitting nearby why he's eating sitting so close to the dump truck, adding that the construction debris is full of asbestos and the teen is risking his life. Am I watching the right show?

Oh, I am. Phil (with Butchie) and Tony (with Christopher) have a meeting. Phil says that he just found out the truckloads he was letting Tony's workers dump on his property are full of asbestos, and that Tony was getting a lot of government and school waste-removal contracts based on his promises to follow EPA regulations, which he obviously wasn't doing. As the men talk, Christopher looks around, kind of edgy, which made me wonder if he was on something. He looks pasty, too. Tony cuts to the chase and asks Phil how much money he wants to let them keep dumping the asbestos. Phil wants 25%, which Tony and Christopher both think is ridiculous. Phil knows they have nowhere else to dump the stuff, so he tells them he's not budging on his number. Tony and Christopher stomp off in a snit.

Driving home, Christopher keeps futzing with the radio. See? Edgy. Nervous. Is it the drugs? Or is he nervous about something else? Like killing JT? Or has he gone to the Feds? Anyway, Christopher floats the idea that Tony should meet Phil's number because they don't really have any other options. Tony thinks that would "set a terrible precedent," and Christopher thinks "that's the flying ointment." Were the malaprops this common in earlier seasons? I feel like they were more rare, but maybe I'm misremembering. Christopher goes back to flipping the radio stations. I keep expecting to see a deer leaping out of the darkness and onto the road in front of the truck. Tony snaps at Christopher for his constant station flipping, so Christopher throws in the soundtrack to The Departed. As "Comfortably Numb" starts up, Christopher asks Tony whatever happened to his "stop and smell the roses" attitude. Tony realizes that he may be overreacting to the whole situation, and he and Christopher actually share a nice moment about how it's easy to sweat the small stuff and forget what matters, like family. Tony can't let his beef with Phil go as Christopher pumps up the volume on the radio. He doesn't look good, all fidgety, and Tony keeps giving him appraising looks, trying to figure out his deal. Is he upset? Using? Tony tries to engage him in small talk, but Christopher goes back to the stereo, which causes him to miss a curve and swerve into the other lane, where there's another car headed straight for them. Tony grabs the wheel and manages to get them back into their lane, and Christopher struggles and fails to regain control of the truck. They fly off the right side of the road, onto a hill, and the truck flips over multiple times before coming to a rest sitting upright.

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