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Kennedy And Heidi

Ambulance. Tony is wheeled into a hospital on a stretcher. He asks the paramedics how his friend is, and the paramedic tells him flatly that his friend is dead, and asks if Tony knows a contact for his next of kin. Would they really tell Tony that? Eh, who cares.

Carmela is lying in bed, surfing real estate websites on her laptop and dozing when the hospital calls. Tony makes sure she's sitting down before telling her that there was an accident and that Christopher's dead. Carmela gasps in shock and horror and then ascertains that Tony's okay. He assures her that he just hurt his knee, but he wants her to call Kelli's parents and send them to her house. Carmela shifts into caretaking mode, grabbing clothes out of the closet, but she stops to ask, "Oh my God, Tony. He's dead?" Tony flatly says, "Yeah." She gives a panicked cry and hangs up. Tony sighs and lies back on his gurney. He glances at the body bag in the next room, along with Christopher's bloody clothes and Cleaver hat.

Quick cut of Kelli dropping the phone and screaming, "Noooooo!" as Paul Shaffer cackles on the television in the background. What do they have against Paul Shaffer?

Tony's home from the hospital, lying in bed. The maid comes in to tell him he has visitors. Silvio, Paulie, Bobby, that Guarnere from Band Of Brothers? The forum posters say that he's playing Walden Belfiore, brother to Angie "Big Pussy's Widow" Bonpensiero. Not sure why he's visiting T with the other guys, but whatever. His big line is to say that Carlo is going to visit shortly. Paulie says that Patsy went over to Christopher's mother's house, and Tony says that Carm is there too. The guys lament Christopher's heavy foot on the gas pedal. Benny comes in and offers his condolences. Everyone stands around and can't think of anything to say. I really expected a few "What're you gonna do" comments. Tony says that Christopher wasn't wearing a seat belt, and suffocated on his own blood. Belfiore keeps talking about Carlo like he's Godot, and even Silvio is like, "What's your deal?" Tony brings up the idea of alcohol or drugs being involved. Silvio asks if Chris seemed high, and Tony says that he would have been furious if he thought that Chris was. The guys discuss Christopher's success (or lack thereof) with sobriety, and Silvio is the only one who seems to express true grief. Paulie says the important thing is that Tony is alive.

The guys sit downstairs at the Sopranos' and eat, as you do. Meadow helps Tony down the stairs, and he announces that he needs to go see Kelli. Meadow offers to make him a plate, and Tony asks for a Scotch. Meadow asks if he's serious, and he urges her to have one herself. It's been interesting, in the past few episodes, to see Meadow becoming more involved with her family, and acting more like Carmela in trying to take care of people. Tony tells Silvio that Meadow and Christopher were close. Paulie stares off into the distance, melancholy. Tony asks if he's okay, and Paulie says he wonders if he did right by Christopher, since all he did was get pissed off, fight with him over money, and break his balls. Tony adds, "It's over."

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