Kennedy And Heidi

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Kennedy And Heidi

At Kelli's house, her parents sit at the kitchen table surrounded by Christopher's mom Joanne (who's drinking), Janice, Carmela, Tony, and assorted other Family members. Kelli's mom says she heard from the hospital that Christopher had cocaine in his system, and that the cause of death was a hemothorax. Meadow pipes up that airbags can crush the ribs when there's no seatbelt. Thanks, Dr. Meadow. I'm sure that's what his grieving mother needed to hear. I don't think I've had to say this so far this season, but shut up, Meadow. Kelli's mom adds that the hospital said he could have made it, but didn't. That's a pretty ambiguous statement. Al starts going off on Christopher's stupidity, leaving their granddaughter fatherless. Joanne starts sobbing and pours herself another drink. Al looks at the basketball game on television and comments that Syracuse is losing. Seriously? I'm starting to get paranoid, since that's where I live, and it's the second reference in two episodes. Probably some of the writers went to SU or something. Tony, annoyed, walks to the window to get away for a moment; Carmela thinks he's upset and comforts him. Patsy walks in and says he just got a call from Little Paulie; Nucci "Aunt Ma" Gualtieri died from a stroke. Man, if it's not one thing, it's your aunt/mother.

Melfi's office. Tony, who's still pretty bruised and battered about the face, talks about how hard Christopher's death has been. Melfi offers some platitudes. Tony pauses, and then kind of grins and says, "This is bullshit." He goes on to say that he's relieved, because Christopher was "a tremendous drag on [his] emotions, thinking about the future." He saw Christopher as potentially ratting him out to the FBI, due to his personality and drug use, and that he considered Christopher "the biggest blunder of [his] career." Melfi is silent. Tony happily goes on to say that he didn't consider Christopher a relative, a friend, or someone he could count on. Then Tony pulls out the big guns and admits that he's murdered friends and relatives before, and even names names: "My cousin Tony, my best friend, Puss, but this?"

Flash to Tony snorting himself awake. Damn, I thought that scene was legit until the very end when he started naming names. Tony rolls over and asks Carm worriedly if he was talking in his sleep. She says he wasn't, and turns on the TV, since she can't sleep either. She starts watching Katharine Hepburn being interviewed by Dick Cavett, talking about how she used to be a terrible actor and people caught on, probably referring to how Tony is trying to pull off the acting job of his life, convincing people he's grief-stricken. I do wonder how the writing staff finds these television clips that comment on the action so perfectly.

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