Kennedy And Heidi

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Kennedy And Heidi

Tony limps downstairs and grabs a mug to get himself some coffee. He notices that the mug has the Cleaver logo on it, so he limps out back and heaves the mug into the weeds behind his yard.

Later, Tony asks Carm to make him a cappuccino. Carm comments that it's hard not to think of Christopher as a child. Tony muses that Caitlin looks like her father, which might not be so great later, with "that schnozz." Carm thinks lots of women thought Christopher was hot, and then she gets upset about her suspicions regarding Christopher and Ade. Tony is silent. Carm acknowledges that Chrissy was violent, but that he loved Ade and would never kill her. She wonders why we are so quick to blame. Tony takes her hand and brings up the night he called her to give her the bad news. He says carefully that he thought he picked up "a twinge of relief" when she heard of Christopher's death. Carm denies it at first, but then she starts sobbing and says that maybe she was relieved...that it wasn't Tony who was killed. She remembers that when Tony got shot, Christopher comforted her. Tony tells Carm that a giant tree branch (it wasn't really giant) came through the car window and hit the baby's carseat, meaning that Caitlin would have been killed were she in the car. Man, Tony is really trying to make himself feel like he did the right thing. Carmela stands up and walks away, upset.

Melfi's office, for real this time. Tony's complaining about Carmela's reaction to their conversation and how he always seems to be the asshole. Um, maybe there's a reason for that? He also laments that Joanne is getting all the sympathy, even though she was a terrible parent. Melfi asks how he's doing. Tony talks about Christopher's weaknesses and the contempt he seemed to have for Tony. He adds that he's seen friends die before, and even seen them murdered. He refers obliquely to the fact that he "hand-carried" Christopher through the situation with Ade, and that Christopher couldn't deal with it, so Tony did. And yet, Tony feels that Christopher never showed the proper gratitude. Melfi asks how Tony is handling it. Tony says that he has to sit around with people who are legitimately grieving, and that he doesn't feel it, which makes him feel like a hypocrite, and then he gets mad at the mourners. It's interesting how close Tony came to revealing the same information he did during his dream sequence.

Funeral home. Tony and Carm arrive for Christopher's viewing. While Carmela signs the guest book, Tony notices Julianna Skiff walking towards him. They both hesitate, unsure how to greet each other, or even if they should. She says hello and wipes away some tears. Tony introduces her to Carmela and mangles her name -- probably on purpose, because he's just that petty, and probably still pissed that she threw him over for Chrissy. Carmela asks if she knew Christopher, and Julianna says, "I used to buy my meat at Satriale's." Great line. She also admits that she's a recovering addict, and owes Christopher a lot. Tony offers up, "What're you gonna do?" There's some awkwardness, so everyone goes their separate ways.

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