Kennedy And Heidi

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Kennedy And Heidi

Tony and Carmela sit down in the viewing room. Christopher lies in his casket in the front. Daniel Baldwin is there, and he nods to Tony, probably just reminding Tony of Cleaver and how much it pissed him off. Carmela says that she's going to go up and pay her respects, but first asks Tony how he's doing. He says it's tough. Carmela says that Christopher loved him so much, and then leaves pray over the body. They really did a great job with Christopher's makeup, and by "great," I mean he really looks like a corpse that someone painted with tons of makeup, which is how most corpses look at the viewings I've attended.

The guys gather in the back of the room. Silvio makes a comment on one black-clad woman, calling her "3 to 5, 7 to 9" because she never misses calling hours. The woman looks like the old photos of my Italian mother-in-law's family from the turn of the century: plain black dress, hair pulled back, wider than she is tall. They're a stout people. And yet somehow my husband is six feet tall and skinny with red hair and freckles. I'll never understand genetics. Joanne stands up and then falls to her knees, sobbing. Tony is disgusted, calling the scene "James Brown" adding that he can't take it. Little Carmine thinks Tony is grief-stricken, but he's really just sickened by the emotional outpouring that he feels is fake or heightened. All eyes turn to Kelli, who walks in wearing a tight black dress and giant black sunglasses. Tony comments, "Jackie Kennedy." She does look like she's been waiting for this moment for a while. As she reaches the casket, she breaks down in sobs, and her parents comfort her. Tony seems a little less disgusted by her, and a little more touched, but I could be interpreting that wrong.

The two Jasons hug AJ and offer their condolences. One of them urges AJ not to let his grief linger so that he falls back into a depression. AJ nods.

As everyone sits around, Tony leans over to the director of Cleaver and tells him about the tree limb that destroyed the baby seat. Jesus, soon it's going to be a tree that came to life and swatted their car off the road. Carmela comes over and says that she and Tony should head over to Nucci's viewing.

Carmela and Tony arrive at the second viewing to find that the house is definitely not packed. Carmela signs the book, and Tony says that he needs to get out of there. Paulie spots him and walks over. The Sopranos give him a hug and express their condolences. Carmela adds that she knew Paulie and Aunt Ma had gotten close again recently. Paulie just wants to complain that no one is there. He couldn't have scheduled it at a different time? I'm not saying he should have to, but you'd think he would want to attend Christopher's calling hours, too. Carmela heads in to pay her respects. Paulie angrily bitches about the "fundamental lack of respect," and that he bought five hundred prayer cards. Tony explains that Aunt Ma was older, and that it's a different situation than with Christopher. Paulie, as usual, holds a grudge.

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