Kennedy And Heidi

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Kennedy And Heidi

Tony sits in his hotel room, reading the paper. Some guy named Stefano calls and tells Tony that since they can't dump the asbestos, it's just lying around at the school, and he's worried that they're going to get busted. Tony promises that he's working on it.

AJ hangs out with his new friends on the front porch of some house. Jason pulls up out front, and when he opens his car door, a biker who was riding by hits it and goes flying. Jason blames the biker. The biker thinks it's all Jason's fault, and by this time, the rest of the guys have joined them in the street. Jason's retort to the biker: "Fuck you, nigger." AJ's eyes widen with surprise. The biker explains that he's from Somalia and a college student. Jason calls him a terrorist, and the guys start beating the crap out of him. AJ's only participation is to shove the guy back into the circle when he tries to run, but he doesn't participate in the actual beatdown. He doesn't try to stop them, though, even when one guy takes the guy's bike and tosses it, causing it to be run over by a passing truck.

In Vegas, Tony is fucking Sonya. Well, she's on top, so I guess she's fucking him. After they finish, she sparks up a joint, explaining how good the pot is. She offfers some to Tony, who takes a hit. Sonya says that Tony reminds her of Christopher. Tony asks if that means he fucks like Christopher, and Sonya explains, "There's a certain kind of guy that I don't run into on campus, but where I dance -- that accent, those clothes." Tony asks if she means he's a type, and Sonya says that Tony is surprising because he actually seems sad. Is that a compliment? Tony giggles, the pot taking effect, and brings up the fact that Christopher and Sonya took peyote together. Sonya says that she hasn't in a while. Tony says that he's wondering why he's in Vegas, and that he always wanted to try peyote, but that he always had too many responsibilities.

Phil calls Tony and complains that he's hard to reach. Tony gets right to the point and asks Phil just to do business with him. Phil expresses his condolences, and Tony hangs up on him and tosses the phone aside.

AJ goes back to his shrink, back to wearing all black and speaking in monosyllables. The shrink asks what exactly happened this week to cause the change in demeanor, and AJ doesn't tell him about the beating. He scowls and says, "You know people walk around like this is all something. They're fucking laughing. Nobody takes even one second to think about what's really going on." The shrink thinks AJ sounds depressed again. AJ wonders how anyone could not be depressed, given how fucked up everything is. He starts crying and asks, "Why can't we all just get along?" Oh, AJ. Such a sensitive Rodney King soul.

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