Kennedy And Heidi

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Kennedy And Heidi

Tony and Sonya take peyote in her apartment. While they wait for it to kick in, they start making out. Suddenly, Tony is in the bathroom, puking his guts out. He looks up at the light in the bathroom and grins.

Later, Tony and Sonya wander through the hotel lobby and casino, fascinated by the lights and noises. I don't have any experience with such things, but I would imagine a casino would be, like, the worst place to be while tripping. Tony focuses in one a picture of a devil on one of the machines. Hmm. What does that mean? Tony goes back to the roulette table, but to him, it seems like the wheel is spinning very slowly. He tells Sonya that "it's the same principle as the solar system." Tony keeps winning and winning, and his stack of chips grows and grows. Suddenly, Tony says, "He's dead!" And then he starts guffawing so hard that he falls on the casino floor. So are they saying that life is totally random chance, like a roulette wheel, and the only way to enjoy it is to medicate yourself?

A dump truck backs up to some wetlands at dawn. The driver dumps the asbestos-filled load into the marsh.

Tony and Sonya are sitting in the desert, watching the sunrise. Tony stares at the sun, which seems to pulse and blink at him. He stands up and yells, "I GET IT!" He starts laughing and crying at the same time. What does it all mean?

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