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Cockaround Guys

And after a little introspection, Tony admits that some part of him says, "God bless, salud." After all, he got a second chance; why shouldn't Vito? It's part of the new, improved Tony, which Melfi herself salutes. "Tall fuckin' order, I tell you that," says Tony. "You can talk about every day being a gift, and stopping to smell the roses...but regular life's got a way of picking away at it." His kids, his things, his cell phone...what was he just saying about people going around in pity for themselves?

Back at home, Tony undresses for bed, while Carmela works on her auction. And she says she hasn't wanted to bug him, but before he got hurt, he was going to get the building inspector to cut her some slack. He promises to get on it. And typical Carmela, she now pats the bed and tells him to come hither, but he begs off, saying that he tore something last time, tensing his muscles. He lowers himself into bed, and lies down, and Carmela starts rubbing Vitamin E cream onto his operation scar, to "get the red out." I don't know, T. Vitamin E? Could be kinda gay. His session with Melfi seems to have opened him up somewhat, and he tells Carmela that she was right about his uncle all along. "Doesn't give me any pleasure, believe me," says Carmela. Tony says that he should have cut his uncle out of his life, and that he brought this on himself. Carmela gently tells him not to think that way. He says that she never once said, "I told you so." I bet she did, when he was in the coma. She kisses him. He says it's Melfi's theory that he stood by Junior through all his shit to prove that he's a good guy: "And that my mother couldn't hate a good boy like that." I think he's lost Carm. She looks like she's thinking about her spec house again.

Rosalie's in the Soprano kitchen, marveling about lying next to a guy for fifteen years and not knowing he's "playing for the pink team," a euphemism with which I was not familiar. Carm wants to know who told Ro, because Tony swore her to secrecy. Rosalie's not going to burn her sources, though. And if you assumed that the women were going to be any more enlightened about this, Carm wonders how the children are going to feel "when they find out their father's a fanook." Well, if it's offending God that's the problem, I'm guessing the daughter will pursue a law career while Vito Jr. will wind up with no worse than a job at Blockbuster Video. (Note to self: you know those logo parody shirts that are so awesome? Design one for Cockblocker Video. Make millions.) Carm wonders if the Spatafores had some kind of arrangement, while Ro says she just hopes that Marie gets tested. Carm goes so far as to make the sign of the cross, and then says that Vito would be the last one you'd suspect. Who'd be the first? I say Bobby.

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