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Cockaround Guys

Phil Leotardo shows up at Vito's place to console a distraught Marie, who keeps waiting to hear from her husband. She wants to know how long she's supposed to tell the kids he's away on business. "Fuckin' shitbag. When I get my hands on him, I'll tear him limb from limb," says Phil. This is how he consoles a person. He grumbles about Vito making a mockery of the sacrament of marriage. Did your goomar tell you that? Marie says that maybe there were signs, but thatVito Spatafore is a good man, and a wonderful father, so why does he have to be tossed aside because of what one person says? Phil says that's why he's here: "There's been confirmation, through the grapevine. Vito was seen in a car with a man. I don't want to get graphic beyond that, the idea repulses me so much." Phil's much more polite about his homophobia. Phil tells Marie that they can't be in denial, as much as they love Vito. He gently asks her where she thinks he might have gone, so that they can bring him back and get him to do something about it. Like take a bullet, you mean. If Marie answers, we don't see it.

You know, just as an aside, because I'm listening to it while writing this: y'all should get the new Neko Case record. She rules.

Carmela pulls up at Angie's body shop, and walks into the office, right into a meeting Angie's having with Benny and Patsy. Benny's saying something about how they can get whatever she wants: airbags, chrome rims...Baby On Board signs? Everyone seems to be surprised to be interrupted, and it's more awkward because Angie's passing over an envelope with a thick-stack-of-money-shaped bulge in it. Carmela recovers enough to say that she's here for the auction donation, and Angie says that they'll just be another minute or so. Benny and Patsy smile as non-creepily as they can, which is to say, not very. Carmela lets herself out into the waiting area, looking thoughtful.

Later, Carmela relates what happened to Rosalie, who tells her that Angie's been "putting money out on the street," which, for anyone not down with all the lingo, means for the purposes of loansharking. Ro says that Angie told her herself, and Carm's hurt, I guess, that Angie didn't tell her, but Ro figures maybe it's because Tony wouldn't have wanted Carmela to know. "She's got enough money to do that, huh?" says Carmela, because this is what everything comes back to for her, and eventually she pretends to be all, "Well, good for her," even though she is literally turning green. "She's one of us; now it seems like she's one of them," says Rosalie. All you guys do is sit around and gossip and plan charity events that help people who are preyed on by the men in your lives. I'd probably want a little something else in my life too.

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