Live Free Or Die

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Daniel: B+ | 1 USERS: A-
Cockaround Guys

Vito strolls into the antique shop. As he does, he sees a couple of guys backing up a truck just outside, and notices the licence plate, with New Hampshire's state motto: "Live free or die." I guess he realizes that those are his only options at this point, and he looks downcast. But nothing perks up a gay mobster like antiquing, so he starts checking out the merchandise. The store proprietor does likewise, telling Vito that the piece he's holding is from the "Arts & Crafts movement." Vito says he doesn't know too much about the stuff. "Well, you've got a good eye," says the shop owner, because what Vito's holding is the most expensive and therefore best piece in the place. "You're a natural," he adds, and strolls away. Maybe. I think Vito's casing the joint. Old habits die hard.

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