Long Term Parking

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Long Term Parking

At the FBI Jersey offices, an agent calls Agent Sanseverino into the surveillance room where he's watching footage shot in the Crazy Horse parking lot three days prior. He rewinds it and shows Agent Sanseverino some footage of Adriana tossing some garbage into a dumpster after locking up the club for the night. Adriana seems to take care to bury her garbage deep in the dumpster, and then heads for her car. Before she can drive off, she changes her mind and goes back to the dumpster, where she grabs the garbage bag and tosses it in the trunk of her car. I'm thinking it's a fetus, based on that throwaway line of a few weeks ago.

At a doctor's office, Adriana looks worried as she checks out a photo of her colon. Oh, man. Does anyone really want to see a photo of his or her colon? Anyway, the doctor tells Adriana (and her mother) that Ade doesn't have polyps, but that she does have "a fairly severe case of ulcerative colitis." The doctor asks Adriana how the Prozac is working. Ma La Cerva pipes up that Ade can't even sleep. The doctor wants Adriana to start taking prednisone, which she explains is a steroid. Adriana says sadly, "Like the weight lifters?" The doctor says that it's great for Adriana's condition, but that there are side effects, such as weight gain and swelling of the facial features. Adriana is disgusted, and the doctor says that it's like what's going on with Jerry Lewis's giant head. Oh, dear. Ma La Cerva complains, "She's planning a wedding, for Christ's sake." Poor Ade. No one cares about her pooper.

Das Sopranohaus. Tony tries to help Carmela fix the television, which is displaying a blue screen. Tony asks how A.J. did when he helped Carmela's father to redo the driveway. Carmela oh-so-casually drops the news that her mother kept asking A.J. if Tony and Carm were getting back together. Tony stares at Carm, who avoids his gaze. Tony admits that he had a dream that he moved back in. Carmela continues to stare out the window. Tony says carefully, "You know, just for the record...I realize what I did was wrong. My...activities." Carmela isn't appeased. Yet. Carmela says that if, in theory, perhaps, they were to maybe get back together, and she's not saying they will, but just suppose they did, their marriage would need to include fidelity. Tony responds, "Like Popeye says, 'I yam what I yam.'" Carmela says she didn't marry a cartoon. Tony brings up, once again, Carmela's "indiscretion" with Furio. Carmela says sharply that she didn't sleep with Furio. Tony says that they're all human, as he continues to push buttons. (On the remote, although probably also on Carmela's psyche.) Carmela admits that she got herself where she is today, but that Tony had "open indiscretions" and "total disregard." Tony agrees that it was horrible. Carmela isn't ready to let it drop, bringing up how she had a knot in her stomach every time the phone rang. Tony says that if they do reconcile (pronounced "ree-con-sile"), "that stuff will never happen again." Tony finally gets the television to work as Carmela goes back to looking out the window.

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