Long Term Parking

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Long Term Parking

Silvio walks into the back room at the Bing and says that Tony has a call. Nearby, Paulie and two other guys (one of whom may be Ray Curto) are playing cards. Tony gives a look like, "Diet Tony?" and Sil shakes his head and says that it's Jimmy Petrille. Tony picks up the phone and Jimmy says, "That tennis match with those guys? My guy won." Jimmy adds that the son dropped out. Tony asks if the son got hurt, and Jimmy says it wasn't like that; they just settled it. Tony hangs up and tells the guys playing cards that Little Carmine dropped out, and that Johnny Sack and Little Carmine worked out a deal. Paulie is disgusted, and calls Little Carmine "a fucking pussy." Silvio mutters that Johnny Sack is the boss of a family now. Tony says there was a time when it would have been great to have Johnny as the boss, because he's "smart as a fucking whip" and "he used to be a pragmatist." Silvio darkly says, "Some people are better at being number twos." I don't know why that line seemed important, but it did. I just wanted to note it in case it comes up later. Paulie points out that Johnny's ego is going to go through the roof.

Adriana walks into the living room of her apartment and sits down next to Christopher on the couch. He asks if she was able to sleep, and she says that she did, a little. Christopher angrily asks, "So where the fuck you been?" Adriana tries to tell him that they need to talk, but Christopher thinks she's about to confess that she cheated on him. Adriana takes a deep breath and begins, "About a year ago -- more maybe, I don't know -- I was arrested." Christopher peppers her with questions, and Adriana says that it was for drugs. She asks if he remembers Danielle. Christopher thinks Danielle set Adriana up, and Adriana says that Danielle was an FBI agent. Christopher's face falls as he realizes what Adriana is trying to tell him. Adriana desperately says that they wanted to arrest him too, and that she was just trying to protect him. Adriana explains that they just wanted some information, but that she didn't tell them anything, really, and that she refused to wear a wire. Adriana continues to babble about the murder and Matush, but the camera focuses in on Christopher's face as the full reality of the situation sets in. He goes from confusion, to dread, to building rage, and finally he stands up and just flat-out punches Adriana in the face. She falls back on the couch, and he starts strangling her. Adriana coughs and tries to pry Christopher's hands from her throat, but he just tells her that they're both going to be dead, and asks how she could do this. Adriana goes completely still, and Christopher, crying, says, "I fucking loved you." He looks at Adriana, and seems to realize what he just did, so he lets go. Adriana coughs weakly as Christopher apologizes. Christopher and Adriana both sob on the couch. Christopher wonders what they are going to do, as Adriana tries to comfort the man who nearly just killed her. Man, that was intense.

Tony is watching television at home when his phone rings. He answers, and it's Diet Tony, calling from a bar. Diet Tony apologizes and starts to explain, but Tony admonishes him for discussing it on the phone. Diet Tony asks what he should do. Tony tells him not to come back. Diet Tony is worried about his sons. Tony tells him not to worry, and promises to look after them, sarcastically adding, "Anything else I can do for you?" Diet Tony knows that he's leaving his cousin "with a real pile of shit in [his] lap." Tony sits thinking for a moment, and then confesses that on the night of the crime that put Diet Tony in jail, he wasn't there because he had a panic attack. Diet Tony asks why Tony's telling him this now. Tony says he felt guilty about it all these years, because he felt like it was his fault that Diet Tony went to jail. Tony says that now they're even. Diet Tony asks if the casino and everything was all done out of guilt. Tony doesn't respond, but Diet Tony already knows the answer. Tony tells his cousin to take care of himself, and they hang up. Tony immediately calls Gerard, the guy at the phone company. When Tony reaches for a pad of paper, you see that someone in the house has been reading books about New Jersey Real Estate Law. Nice touch, Prop Department. Anyway, Tony finds out that the phone call from Diet Tony came from a business in Kinderhook, New York, which is upstate. Tony recognizes the name of the town, and hangs up. He rubs his face for a minute, and then calls Uncle Pat in the nursing home. Tony makes small talk, and then asks if it's true that there was a problem with the construction at the farm. Uncle Pat says that the developer is waiting for a special permit, so the house is sitting empty. Tony doesn't seem too happy to have the knowledge of where Diet Tony really is, since that means he'll have to do something about it.

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