Long Term Parking

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Long Term Parking

Adriana and Christopher are still talking, apparently having stayed up all night for this discussion. Things seem to be going a little better for Adriana as she reminds Christopher how much he loved their vacation in Lake George. She thinks they could live someplace like that, and Christopher agrees that he could finally write his memoirs, because apparently the only thing that's been keeping him from writing all this time is his day job. Adriana says that they could have a fireplace, too. Christopher reminds her that they could never come home. Adriana insists that she won't care, as long as she can be with him. Christopher says that she could never see her mother again either. Adriana doesn't say anything to that, and asks Christopher if he wants some eggs. Christopher says he needs to clear his head, because it's a lot to process and he needs to think. He puts on his shoes and says he'll be back in a little while. Adriana desperately begs him to stay, and Christopher says he's just going to buy cigarettes. Adriana offers, "Smoke mine! Don't smoke! Next you're gonna want a vodka!" Heh. Christopher tenderly tells her that he loves her, and gives her a kiss. Adriana watches him walk out, wondering if he's going to come back, not realizing that it's the last time she'll ever see him.

Agent Sanseverino's phone rings as she drives down the highway. She answers, and Adriana reports that Christopher is into the idea of witness protection. Agent Sanseverino asks when they're coming in, and Adriana says it'll be a couple more hours, because they're packing. Agent Sanseverino is upset at the change in plans, but Adriana says that she knows Christopher will change his mind if she pushes him. Agent Sanseverino gives her until 1:00 PM. Ade nods and hangs up.

Christopher fills his giant Humvee with gas, which must cost, like, a million dollars. He wipes a smudge from the finish and notices a family walking out of the convenience store and getting into what looks like a Chevy Citation. And I only know that because my dad used to have one. Anyway, this one is two-toned and rusty, and there is a bunch of crap strapped to the top with bungee cords. Christopher watches Daddy Mullet Sweatpants, Mommy Bleached Blonde, and their three Junk Food Brats load into the car. The look in Christopher's eyes says, "No fucking way." It's really obvious in retrospect, but on first viewing, I wasn't sure what that was about, and I think part of it is that while I knew that the ending of this episode was inevitable, I'm so emotionally invested in the characters that I didn't want to believe it would happen.

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