Long Term Parking

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Kim: A+ | 3 USERS: A+
Long Term Parking

The camera shows the trees and the sky in what appears at first to be the same shot from the end of Adriana's death scene. The camera pans down to show the leaves on the ground. Are they showing that same scene in reverse? Are they going to show Adriana's lifeless body being eaten by the bear or something? These were the thoughts that went through my head. We hear footsteps scuffling through the leaves on the ground. Did Adriana somehow live? Tony and Carmela walk into the frame. Carmela says that it's beautiful, and Tony agrees that it's a gorgeous piece of land. The camera shows some other houses nearby, through the trees, and I realize that this is the $600,000 lot that Carmela was discussing earlier. Carmela continue to give the details while Tony gets sadder and sadder. He sits on a nearby stump, tearing up a little. Carmela asks if he's okay, and Tony grabs her hand and says, "Absolutely." The camera pulls back as we see Carmela and Tony standing alone in the woods. One more to go.

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