Long Term Parking

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Long Term Parking

Phil Leotardo sits at a table in a diner, smoking. We fade into a flashback in which Phil checks his hair in a storefront window as his brother walks out onto the sidewalk. Phil complains about having to wait, and Billy says he was just finishing his drink. Suddenly, Diet Tony shows up and shoots Billy in the shoulder. He fires five more shots, one of which hits Phil. Diet Tony hops into a car and drives away. Phil touches his dead brother's face, and cries. Fade back to the present day.

Rusty says that Little Carmine can't stay holed up in his house. Little Carmine, pretentiously holding a brandy snifter, wonders how it came to retaliation and counter-attacks. Um, maybe when you decided to become more involved in the Family business? Little Carmine says that it's "a fucking stagmire [sic]." Rusty wonders what kind of message it sends if they back down now. Little Carmine expresses confusion about Billy Leotardo's murder, and the other guy they have to toss a line to now that Angelo is dead says, "This Blundetto asshole went off the reservation." Rusty advises Little Carmine to get out there and let everyone see him taking charge of the situation. Little Carmine says that's not how he wants to handle it. Rusty and the other guy walk out as Little Carmine stares into the fireplace.

Silvio and Tony sit in the back room at the Crazy Horse. Silvio says that he always liked Diet Tony, but that whacking Billy was a mistake. Tony says that Diet Tony almost cried when Tony put him in charge of the casino. Sil is quiet. Tony laments all he did "for that blue-eyed prick" only to get fucked over, and now Tony has to get down on his knees to Johnny Sack. Christopher walks in, and Tony yells at him for being late. Christopher says, "Highway was jammed with broken heroes on a last-chance power drive." I refuse to believe that Christopher is that witty, at least not that quickly, so I'm going to assume he was listening to some Springsteen in his car on the way over. Also, any other show would have cut to a Little Stevie reaction shot, but this one doesn't, which I like a lot. Christopher asks if there's any news on Diet Tony, and Sil responds, "Nah, he's still on a milk carton." Adriana walks in and Christopher refers to her as "my smelly valentine." Adriana tells him it's not funny, but Silvio cracks up. Ade gives Christopher a beer. Tony asks what he's doing, and Christopher says, "I can handle a cocktail once in a while, right?" Adriana asks if anyone needs anything else, and Tony asks if Ade's feeling any better. Christopher says that they have to replace Ade's colon with a semi-colon. What is with Christopher and the semi-witty remarks? He's not usually that quick, is he? Silvio suggests that Ade become a vegan. I can't believe Silvio even knows what "vegan" means. Ade says that the doctor told her to relax. Christopher wonders what Adriana has to worry about.

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