Long Term Parking

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Long Term Parking

Tony says it's time to leave, so Christopher kisses Ade goodbye. Tony pauses after the others walk out and tells Ade not to listen to Christopher, because healthy people don't understand the problems of the unwell. Ade asks about Tony's skin cancer, and he says it's fine. Tony shyly tells Ade that he might be getting back together with Carmela. Ade says that it's great, and that the kids will be thrilled. Will they? Tony says they'll have Christopher and Adriana over for a family dinner soon, and tells her to feel better.

Christopher, Tony, and Silvio walk into a meeting with Johnny Sack, Jimmy Petrille, and Phil Leotardo. Tony and Sil sit at the table, while Christopher stands next to the wall. Tony starts by offering Phil his condolences. Phil tells him to stick it up his ass. Tony says he was just trying to be nice. Phil asks Tony if a family member or loved one ever died in his arms. Tony says no, and Phil says that he might be able to make that happen. Tony and Silvio protest the turn the conversation has taken. Jimmy suggests strongly that Phil walk away and get a drink, and Johnny Sack agrees, so Phil walks out. Christopher manages to keep his mouth shut for once. Tony complains to Johnny Sack about Phil's behavior, and Johnny Sack replies that Phil has the right to be pissed. Tony says that his cousin acted alone. Johnny snaps, "The lone gunman theory." Which would have made an excellent episode title. Tony angrily reminds everyone how close Diet Tony was to Angelo in prison, and that that's what caused Diet Tony to flip out. Johnny Sack, totally calm, asks what made Diet Tony flip out when he whacked Joey Peeps.

Tony asks what Johnny wants to hear. Johnny yells, "I want your cousin on a fucking spit!" Tony shrugs that he doesn't know where his cousin is. Johnny looks at Christopher and says, "Maybe one of your other relatives, then." Christopher asks if he has to stand there and be threatened. Tony says that nobody's making threats, and adds that Diet Tony is in hiding. Johnny Sack says, "You either deliver that prick to my door, or I will rain a shitstorm down on you and your family like you have never fucking seen." I start to wonder exactly what a shitstorm looks like, and then I quickly decide that I do not want to know. Tony seems slightly amused. Johnny adds, "We're done here" in exactly the same tone that the Trumpster says, "You're fired," but without the flippy hand gesture. Tony looks like he wants to say something else, but refrains. He taps Silvio, and they both get up to leave. Man, Tony looks like Johnny Sack's bitch.

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