Long Term Parking

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Long Term Parking

Christopher and Adriana walk up to the table. Tony gives Christopher a dirty look. Carmela starts talking about wedding planning with Adriana. Tony wants to talk to Christopher alone, so they head to the bathroom. Tony makes sure they're alone. Christopher asks if this is about Diet Tony. Tony angrily says that he just talked to their guy in North Carolina, who heard from the ATF because a bodega in Newark was selling cigarettes without the tax stamps on them. Christopher (who's drinking a glass of wine) says that the bodega owners were supposed to stamp the cigarettes themselves, and while I didn't detail it in that recap, I'm fairly sure he did give those instructions. Tony bitches about it some more and then wets down his forehead with water from the sink. Christopher gulps his wine and asks if Tony knows how he's going to handle the Diet Tony situation. Tony says he has to think about it, and then decrees that, from now on, Paulie will supervise the cigarette run, and Paulie and Christopher will split the proceeds. Christopher is pissed, and points out that he has a wedding to pay for. Tony sarcastically suggests that Christopher "cut out the open bar." Tony walks out, and Christopher throws his wine glass against the wall. I only wish I got to see Artie cleaning that up.

At their apartment, Christopher complains to Adriana about Tony's behavior. Christopher rambles that he put his life on the line. Adriana says she hates seeing Christopher like this. The shot widens, and we see that Christopher has a bottle of vodka in his hand as he paces back and forth yelling, "I gave that fuck pieces of my soul, Adriana. You know what he said to me? He said I should have a fucking drink!" Adriana asks when that happened, and Christopher says it was when they were upstate. Ade points out that Christopher has a sponsor for these situations. Christopher remembers how Tony and Diet Tony were breaking his balls, and says that he could take Tony out in a second, and that Tony's children wouldn't even care. I don't think Tony's children care about much, except for money, and sucking. Adriana doesn't want Christopher to talk like that, because he's a better person than that. Christopher says that what hurts the most is that Diet Tony could get them all killed, and that Tony still has doubts about what to do about the situation. Christopher seems to be forgetting that Tony has given him a number of second chances as well, especially not that long ago when Christopher threatened Tony's life. Adriana starts crying. Christopher plops down next to her on the couch and says sadly, "That's the guy, Adriana. My Uncle Tony. The guy I'm going to hell for."

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