Long Term Parking

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Long Term Parking

The FBI agents watch the Crazy Horse surveillance footage, and they see some local Long Branch police detectives entering the building. Cubitso, the bureau chief, tells Agent Sanseverino to call Long Branch and find out what's going on.

Tony walks into the hospital, where Valentina is sitting with her head wrapped in a scarf and the entire left side of her face red and burned. He cheerfully asks if she's ready to go. Valentina tearfully admonishes him for looking at her. Tony lies that she looks good, and that she'll look nice with short hair, like "what's her name...that actress." Valentina just wants to go home. Tony says he'll drop her off, but that he can't stay. Valentina asks why not, and Tony sits down and pulls the chair closer to her. He says seriously that her medical bills are covered "ad nauseam." I don't get why they're busting out all the malapropisms this season. I must be missing something. Valentina realizes that Tony is breaking up with her and calls him a motherfucker for leaving her after she was burned cooking him food. Tony -- missing the point, as usual -- points out that she could have just as easily been making something for herself. Then he admits that he's going back to his wife. Valentina starts crying and calling him names. Tony says that he's always told her that he and she didn't have a future, and that she'll meet somebody else. As Tony tries to let her down easily, his phone rings, and he sees that it's a private call. Valentina threatens to kill herself, and Tony smiles, "I gotta take this." Heh. He walks out into the hall, and we see that it's Diet Tony on the other end, but he stays silent. Tony asks where he is, and Diet Tony hangs up. Tony tries to *69 him (I guess) and is told that the call can't be completed. Valentina cries silently in the background.

Silvio sits in his office at the Bing, trying to get a stain out of his suit by using a toothbrush and some sort of aerosol spray. The phone rings, and it's Tony, who is still at the hospital. He tells Silvio to have Gerard from the phone company give him a call, because he wants to put traps on all his lines. Valentina's still crying in the background.

Adriana walks out of an Asian herbal store (I think) carrying a plastic bag. Agent Sanseverino and another agent quickly approach her. Over her protests, Adriana is practically shoved into a car so that they can talk.

Tony arrives back at Das Sopranohaus with his eight million pieces of luggage. A.J. greets him, although not very enthusiastically. Tony tells him to help with the bags. A.J. asks where they go, and Tony says, "The bedroom." Duh. The house is very dark and this scene is shot from a distance, both of which give the feeling that Tony's homecoming is less than warm. Carmela walks in, wearing an apron, and says that she was just starting dinner. Tony hands her a gift bag. Carmela opens it and finds a scarf. She says it will look beautiful with her black coat. Tony says it's an Hermes (which he pronounces "Her-mees"). Carmela gives him an awkward and stilted kiss on the cheek.

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