Long Term Parking

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Long Term Parking

The Sopranos eat dinner together, silently. Tony tears into a piece of bread, and Carmela offers up some whipped butter. They're overly polite with each other. Finally, A.J. notes, "This is fucking weird." Carmela cracks up. Wait, Carmela cracks up at A.J. swearing? Is she drunk? Tony agrees that it is fucking weird. Tony and Carm giggle, and Tony says that they should celebrate.

Cut to Tony popping open a bottle of champagne. He pours some for Carmela and A.J., and offers some lessons on popping the cork properly. Heh. Tony would know all about how to pop your cork. Carmela tells a story about Mrs. Little Stevie's uncle, who was hit in the eye with a champagne cork at his retirement party and was blinded. A.J. snarks, "That's festive." Did I just laugh at something A.J. said? What is this world coming to? Tony makes a toast: "To the people I love. Nothing else matters." A.J. downs his champagne, as any teenager would. Tony tells him to slow down, because you're supposed to savor it. Carmela smiles at him. Then they all go back to eating silently. Except for Tony's grunting.

After dinner, Carmela loads the dishwasher. Tony sits in the next room, watching television and eating ice cream. Carmela stares at Tony, perhaps thinking that nothing has changed. She doesn't look very happy, but she quickly grabs some glasses and continues loading the dishwasher.

The Feds show Adriana the footage from the Crazy Horse parking lot, and then look at her expectantly. Adriana says that she was just throwing the garbage out, and tries to act indignant that they filmed her without her knowledge. Agent Harris asks why she took the garbage back out of the dumpster. Ade says that there were bills with account numbers in there. Agent Sanseverino hands over a photo of the body that the scouts found washed up on the beach. She says that his name is Gilbert Nieves, and they found a stamp from the Crazy Horse on his hand. Ade says she doesn't know him. Another agent says that she told the Long Branch police that Nieves was in the club that night. Cubitso asks if Adriana thinks they brought her in because they don't know what was in the bag. To me, that says that they don't know what was in the bag. But I watch a lot of cop shows. Agent Sanseverino says that Nieves was stabbed in the club, and that Ade tried to dispose of the evidence. Ade protests that she doesn't know anything, and Cubitso suggests that she spill it.

Ade thinks it over, and then starts talking. Oh, Ade. They had nothing! All they knew was that the guy was at the Crazy Horse on the night he died! She tells them about Matush, the drug dealer, and fingers him as the killer. We flash back to the night in question, as Matush and a friend walk into the club. Adriana voice-overs that Matush is from Pakistan, and that Christopher didn't want him dealing in the club, but that she'd get drugs from him occasionally. Matush says hello to Adriana and asks to use her fax machine to send out an apartment application. Adriana isn't crazy about the idea, but relents. He hands Adriana a tablet of something by way of thanks, and she downs it. Matush and his friend head to the back room. Adriana voice-overs that Nieves was at the club, but that she'd never seen him before. Turns out that Matush sold him coke once, and Nieves claimed he was ripped off. As Matush struggles with the fax machine, Nieves walks in and starts shoving him around. Nieves pulls a knife and demands his money. Matush's friend grabs a marble ashtray and clocks Nieves on the head with it. Matush punches Nieves in the stomach about five times, and Nieves falls to the ground. Matush's friend bites Nieves's hand until he releases the knife. Matush grabs the knife and stabs Nieves about five or six times in the chest and stomach. Matush and his friend stand up and try to recover, and just then, Adriana walks in and sees Nieves dead on the floor of her office.

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