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Luxury Lounge

Tony looks at pictures of yachts in his office. Christopher walks in, and slams a giant duffel bag on the desk, raving about all the free shit they give out in Hollywood. He presents Tony with a voucher for a free golf trip to Australia. Tony's not impressed. Christopher offers up a woman's watch, and Tony accepts it, but still isn't that impressed. He finds a little Burberry bag for a pocket dog, which reminds me of Adriana and Cosette. Poor thing. Tony asks how the trip went, and Christopher lies that Kingsley was really interested, but that they don't think he's right, and also that they met Lindsay Lohan. Tony keeps checking out the swag, but he's clearly not happy with Christopher right now. Tony brings up the news about Artie burning his hand, and adds that if Christopher had been there, it probably wouldn't have happened. Christopher points out that Tony said he could go. Tony thinks Christopher is suffering from a "loss of focus." Christopher brings up the sacrifice he's made, and Tony asks how many times he'll play "the Adriana card." I was wondering that myself.

Charmaine comes into the kitchen at Vesuvio, where Artie is drinking wine and counting receipts. She announces that some customers were just seated, but Artie says that the kitchen's closed. Charmaine won't take no for an answer, so Artie goes to check them out, and then says that they'll have to eat what he gives them. Perhaps he's thinking of the night Tony referred to, when he had to make do with what he had, but it was one of the most memorable nights of Tony's life. Artie opens a cabinet and takes out his grandfather's notebook, filled with recipes. He finds one, smiles, and then takes the rabbit he killed out of the fridge. It's been cleaned and whatnot. Charmaine returns and says that a lot of people don't like rabbit, but Artie's making it anyway. He starts cooking, clearly enjoying it for the first time in a long time.

On a flight to Italy, the two hitmen talk in Italian, and show off the souvenirs they got while in the States. Series creator David Chase makes a cameo, sitting across the aisle. I guess even a whacking offers swag nowadays.

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