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Luxury Lounge

Carlo leaves, and Christopher segues to discussing a trip he needs to take to California with Little Carmine. Tony gives him some shit about it, and Christopher tosses out that he's meeting with Ben Kingsley. Tony isn't happy that Christopher will be gone the weekend of the Notre Dame/Michigan game, and Christopher promises that it'll be fine. Christopher relates that Little Carmine thinks that if they can get Ben Kingsley, the movie will happen. Tony shoots back, "Little Carmine? It's common knowledge, the guy's retarded." Christopher tells Tony that he agreed to this whole thing in the hospital, and Tony points out that he was in a coma at the time. Yeah, I don't know whether Tony so much as agreed to it as he was unable to comprehend what in the hell Chris was going on about. Christopher hesitates, and then says that he'll call the whole thing off, if that's what Tony wants, but he's all passive-aggressive about it. Tony relents, realizing how important this is to Christopher. Or maybe just sick of his bitching.

The two Napolis pull up outside of Rusty's house, blocking the driveway. Rusty and his driver are in the car, preparing to back out. One of the Napolis walks up to Rusty's window, and starts speaking in Italian, pretending he's asking for directions, or somesuch. Rusty and his driver tell the guys to move their car. Rusty's wife comes out on the balcony, and yells something down to Rusty, and he nods. Rusty rolls down his window, and takes the map to help out his new friend/killer. That distraction allows the other Napoli to walk up, shoot the driver in the head, and then shoot Rusty. One more bullet to Rusty's melon, and the two Napolis drop the gun and run off. I kept waiting for Rusty's wife to come back out on the balcony and see the guys take off, although what is she going to do, call the cops? She knows what her husband does. She'd probably go to Phil, who supported the whacking in the first place. I just thought it would be more realistic to have her come back out and start yelling or something. I'm overthinking the Rusty situation; I don't think the important thing is how Rusty was killed. I think it just shows a comparison between how Johnny Sack deals with dissenting views, versus how Tony does.

Two couples are having dinner at Vesuvio. One of the guys is telling a story about accidentally showing porn to his kid, I think. Everyone is laughing, until Artie walks up, and starts delivering a dissertation on how to slice veal correctly, like anyone cares. The poor customers are just trying to eat, as Artie continues to make conversation, so he finally leaves.

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