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Luxury Lounge

Two credit-card investigators walk into Vesuvio, and explain that they're with American Express, and that there have been some credit card irregularities. They explain that people's card numbers were copied, and the numbers were used to rack up phony charges. The guy hands Artie a list of affected customers, and Artie recognizes some names. One Amex guy says that they have to suspend use of their cards in the restaurant while the investigation goes on. Charmaine walks in while this discussion is happening. Artie yells, "Someone's stealing!" He begs the guys not to do this, because Amex is 30% of his business. Charmaine tries to calm Artie down, and Artie walks off to provide the information the Amex guys need.

Ben Kingsley talks to his agent on the phone; he's not happy about having to meet with Christopher and Little Carmine.

Cut to their meeting, in a poolside cabana. Little Carmine pitches the movie to an uninterested Kingsley, who demurs that the whole thing is script-dependent. Little Carmine prompts Christopher to speak about the script, and Christopher says that it's being written by J.T. Dolan, who has worked on "Nash Bridges, Hooperman, Law & Order: The SUV." Heh. That's what I always call it in my head. The whole time they're talking, Christopher appears distracted, and keeps staring at the other people around the pool. Christopher and Little Carmine compliment Kingsley's acting chops, and then Little Carmine talks about their options for directors. Kingsley is saved when he spots Lauren Bacall strolling by. They hug hello, and Kingsley introduces her to the guys. Christopher tells her that she was "great in The Haves And Have-Nots." Even though he got the title wrong, I'm impressed that Christopher has even heard of a film made before 1960, much less can identify that Lauren Bacall was in it. Bacall says that she's there to present at an awards show, which is bullshit, but she's excited about the swag. Bacall leaves for a massage appointment, and Little Carmine tells her to "enjoy [her] success." What does that even mean? Kingsley says that he's supposed to go to the Luxury Lounge, and Little Carmine and Christopher offer to walk with him. As they gather their things, Kingsley takes off at a brisk pace, forcing them to run to catch up. Heh. Kingsley was trying to ditch them.

Christopher calls Murmur, and says that he's "chipping" and needs Murmur to come out and do what sponsors do.

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