Made In America

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Made In America
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So let's recap the situation from the previous episode. Phil declared war on New Jersey, and as a result, Bobby got whacked and Silvio is in the hospital in a coma, from which he is unlikely to recover. Melfi broke up with Tony, and now Tony and the remains of his crew are hiding out in a safe house while Carmela and the kids are hiding out elsewhere. Tony wants to whack Phil to end the war, but Phil's also in hiding. So it's a waiting game.

Tony wakes up in a bed in the safe house. Many episodes this season have started with Tony waking up in bed; I guess it's the new "Tony walks down the driveway in his robe and grabs the paper." Some time has passed since the previous episode, because the bed previously had a bare mattress, and now it has sheets and pillowcases. Tony's giant gun is leaning on the dresser next to the bed, so he's still being fairly vigilant.

Tony and Paulie sit in a cargo van that reads "Steinholz Beverage" on the side. They're parked near the airport, listening to the oldies station. Are they going to start making out? As an airplane lands in front of them, Paulie complains about how long they've been waiting for Godot or whomever they're waiting for. Tony tells him to relax. A car pulls up nearby and the headlights shine on Tony's face. Tony looks both menacing and anxious somehow, and then he gets out and walks toward the car. After an interminably long (it seems to the viewer) walk, Tony opens the car door and gets in. Who's in the CAR? If you (like me) have a vivid imagination and have been anticipating this episode for a long time, every scene will kill you. There's tension in every scene. Anyway, guess who's in the car? Agent Harris. He's in a bad mood and reveals to Tony that they had to investigate some possible terrorist activity at the airport with no results; it could have been bad information, or it could have been someone testing the FBI's response to a particular situation. Tony is taken aback at how common Harris indicates this type of thing is, and he wonders if maybe AJ is right with his conspiracy theories. Harris's wife (I guess?) calls, and they argue about Harris's late hours and when he'll be home for dinner. After Harris hangs up, Tony explains that he remembered that their Arab friends had a bank account at a particular bank. Harris doubts that Tony just remembered that, since Tony probably held back the information until he needed something from Harris. Tony shows his true colors when he asks if Harris has heard anything from his friend in Brooklyn about Phil's whereabouts. Harris chuckles, but he either doesn't know anything or doesn't want to tell Tony.

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