Made In America

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Made In America

Tony's lawyer visits the Bing for lunch and explains what's going on. Someone is giving testimony to the Feds, and subpoenas are flying. Tony thinks it's Carlo has flipped, but the lawyer says they don't know for sure. What the lawyer does know is that there's an eighty to ninety percent chance that Tony will be indicted, and if Carlo is the one talking, Tony could go down for the gun charge, interstate fraud, and even homicide. Throughout his calm recitation of Tony's nightmare, the lawyer keeps hitting the bottom of the ketchup bottle to get some out. Hit it on the 57! That's how you get the ketchup out! Works every time. Tony gets frustrated and grabs the ketchup bottle himself, slamming it on the table. The lawyer reminds Tony that they planned for this, and they could win at trial.

Hospital. Silvio lies in his hospital bed, unconscious, hooked up to tubes. Gab tends to his feet. Tony wanders in and gives Gab a hug. She walks out to give him some privacy. Silvio's pompadour has fallen! Maybe Gab should work her magic on that, instead of clipping the toenails. Tony stares at the television, which is showing Little Miss Sunshine, and then leans forward and grabs Silvio's hand. And...series wrap for Little Stevie.

Tony and Paulie sit outside Satriale's, getting some sun. Tony asks if Paulie has come to a decision about taking over the Cifaretto crew, and Paulie says he's going to pass, because he thinks the crew is cursed, since all of its captains have died. Tony can't believe that Paulie is going to "deny [himself] life-changing money" and the opportunity to leave his niece with MS some nice cash. Tony compares this superstition to Paulie's feelings about the cat, who is probably just staring at the wall because a rat died back there. Paulie claims they moved the photo around and the cat moved too, and Tony theorizes it's probably "the abstract shapes." Tony brings up how his gambling luck has gotten better since Christopher died, and Paulie points out that's an example of being superstitious too. Paulie decides it's time to reveal that time at the Bing when he saw the Virgin Mary. Tony pretends to be empathetic, but then says sarcastically that they could have built a shrine and made billions selling holy water. He advises, "I'm not saying there's nothing out there, Paulie. But to not live your life? What the fuck are you gonna do?" Tony appeals to Paulie's competitive nature and says he'll just give Patsy the job, since he's going to be family and all. Paulie looks slightly amused and calls Tony a prick, adding, "You always know what to say to me, don't you?" Paulie thinks for a minute and then says, "I live but to serve you, my liege." Tony claps him on the shoulder and walks off. Paulie looks worried, and picks his sun reflector back up. The cat walks over and lies down near him, enjoying the sun as well.

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