Made In America

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Made In America

AJ walks out of a building with a script under his arm, talking on the phone. He explains that he's not taking public transportation, but he also refused to let his parents buy him another SUV. So instead, he got a BMW. He gets in and revs the engine, then tears off to pick up his girlfriend from high school.

Carmela walks downstairs and finds AJ and Rhiannon watching TV and laughing. Carmela says that they aren't eating at home tonight, and are going out instead. She glances over some artist's renderings of interiors for her new house.

Outside, Tony sweeps off the patio. He scans the sky. Looking for ducks? Carmela comes out and tells Tony that they're eating at Holsten's. Tony promises to meet them there.

Tony goes to the state facility to visit Uncle Junior. He stands outside his room for a while, unable to enter. Finally, he walks in and their eyes meet. Junior doesn't recognize Tony at first, but then offers up, "We used to play catch." Tony wonders if Junior remembers shooting him. Junior just looks away. Tony gets mad and says, "I'm Anthony! Johnny's son!" Tony sits down so he's face-to-face with Junior and says that Pat came to see him about Janice and the money. Junior says people keep asking him about that, and he doesn't know. He adds, "There's a man from another galaxy that came here." Ha! His accountant. Tony declares that any money should go to Bobby's kids, and Janice might not make that happen, but Bobby was a made guy. Junior seems confused. Tony says Junior should tell Pat where the money is and Tony will hold it for the kids. He asks if Junior remembers Bobby, and Junior says brightly, "Sure!" He clearly has no clue what Tony is talking about or who Tony is. Tony realizes this and his demeanor softens, and he looks sad as he asks, "Remember Johnny? Johnny Boy? Your kid brudder?" Junior gives him a blank look. Tony whispers, "This thing of ours." Junior asks, "I was involved with that?" Tony answers, "You and my dad. You two ran North Jersey." Junior responds, "Well, that's nice." Tony smiles faintly, pleased to have made a connection at last. Junior goes back to staring out the window, and Tony gets up and quickly walks out of the building.

Tony walks into Holsten's, which is bustling with people, but not his family. As a viewer, you know that there's only a few minutes left in the episode, so the tension is rising. How will it all end? Will Tony get whacked? Will his family? Will Tony get arrested? Will they all go into Witness Protection? Whatever's going to happen, it's all going to happen in the next few moments. Tony sits in a booth and flips through the mini-jukebox on the table, browsing the selections until he finds one he likes. The bell on the door rings and Tony looks up, but it's only a single woman he doesn't know. He continues looking at the jukebox. The bell rings again, and Tony looks up. A redneck-looking dude in a plaid shirt and hunting vest walks in, and Tony relaxes. He puts money into the jukebox and punches in his selection. The bell rings again, and Carmela walks in just as Tony's song starts up: "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. I have to be honest here – I teared up a little because Journey was my late mother's favorite band and I took her to her first rock concert to see them, and this was her favorite song. So for personal reasons, this song has a lot of emotional impact for me, and call it cheese, but I bet a lot of people around my age have memories that revolve around this song.

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