Made In America

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Made In America

Tony and his driver, Dante, pull up to Carmela's newest purchase, where she and the kids are hiding out. It's a small cottage near the ocean -- kind of ironic since Tony and Carmela talked about one day buying a shore house for themselves, and now Carmela has gone and bought one to line her own coffers. The anticipation builds as Tony walks to the door and opens it, only to find Meadow and Carmela inside. Meadow rushes out, explaining that she has to meet Patrick in the city. I'm surprised they let Meadow and Patrick hang out in New York together, given that they are both children of made men in enemy territory. I know Tony said they don't go after family, but times change. After their daughter leaves, Tony and Carmela hug and kiss. Carmela wearily sits down and brings up an odor in the house that they've clearly discussed before, and Tony tries to downplay the problem. So "odor" equals "threat of imminent death" in this situation, right? Carmela rubs her forehead and says in a pinched voice, "I've GOT to get home." Tony touches her cheek and promises that he's working on it. He grabs an orange and peels it. Well, now the writers are just messing with us. Carmela says that she went to see Silvio, with the implication that things are not good. Tony hears something on the stairs and looks up to see AJ unlocking the front door so Rhiannon can leave. Carmela says the whole situation bothers her, but Tony seems sort of proud of his son and is sure Rhiannon won't tell anyone. Tony comments on the girl to AJ, who claims that they're just friends. Tony responds sarcastically, "I know. Nice work." AJ explains that Rhiannon is only a junior in high school (!) and has quit modeling because she's tired of being exploited. Tony orders AJ to attend Bobby's funeral on Thursday. AJ reminds him that they're supposed to be keeping a low profile, and Carmela recites, "There's always a large FBI presence." AJ rolls his eyes and walks out. Carmela reminds Tony that AJ was different when he was with Blanca. Yeah, more pussywhipped and less of a communist.

The Feds watch Bobby's funeral on monitors. Moments later, the attendees are digging into the food like it's their last meal. It's good to see that they're not too grief-stricken to eat. I guess it's just more of the message of the episode (in my opinion): people don't change, and life goes on. What're you gonna do? The camera pans down the row to show that everyone is there; Carlo in particular is excited about the roast pork after his son, Jason, points it out to him.

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