Made In America

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Made In America

In Manhattan, a tour bus rolls down the street as the guide explains that Little Italy used to encompass forty square blocks, but is now only one row of shops and restaurants. Butchie is standing outside one of those restaurants when Phil calls and says he wants to do their business over the phone instead of in person. Butchie keeps talking while walking and explains that no one knows where Tony is. Phil castigates Butchie for not taking care of the situation already. Butchie gently broaches the subject of reaching out to Tony instead of killing him. Phil is having no part of that. Butchie gets the message: whack Tony yesterday, or live in fear. Butchie hangs up and looks around, realizing he's walked out of Little Italy and into Chinatown without noticing. Things look unfamiliar, and he seems disoriented -- I think you catch the symbolism there.

Dante leans on the van outside the former Sack house, smoking. Tony sneaks up the back stairs of the house to the deck, where he finds Janice sitting dejectedly on a lounge chair in her winter coat and scarf. Tony offers her some pastry, and Janice says, "I need to watch my weight. I need to snag another husband." She and Tony take a beat, and then chuckle. Janice says that only a Soprano family member would get that she was joking, and they reminisce about how Tony basically called his sister a whore, and Bobby got mad. Tony asks what happens now. Janice says that Bobby Jr. wants to live with his aunt, but Nica loves Sophia, so Janice wants Sophia to stay. Sure, why not take the only immediate family member that Bobby Jr. and Sophia have left away? They've already lost their mother and their father. Actually, Janice says, "Sophia's out of her mind if she thinks she's getting out of this house." Are we talking chains in the basement or what? Lotion in the basket? Tony wonders if she's still joking, and Janice starts crying and says she'd like to give it a shot with Bobby's kids, because that's what Bobby would've wanted. Janice thinks she and Sophia have a bond, and she concludes, "I've had therapy. I'm a good mother. I put Ma and all of her warped shit behind me." See? People never change. Janice is still delusional and weirdly overly optimistic. Tony goes along with it, and he even suggests that she bring her son Harpo down to live with her. Janice just says that Harpo changed his name to Hal and then turns her face away, dismissing Tony. He reminds her to call if she needs anything.

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