Made In America

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Made In America

Carmela walks into Meadow's room and finds her talking to her old friend, Hunter. Carmela greets Hunter warmly and wants to catch up. Hunter jokes that she was kicked out of college for partying too much, and then reveals that she's cleaned up her act and she's now in her second year of medical school. Carmela's face falls, and she quickly tells Meadow that the Parisi family will be there soon and practically runs out of the room. Ha! I still don't get why medical school is so much better than law school, but whatever. Carmela's inability to disguise her disappointment was funny.

Tony and Carmela visit with Patsy and Mrs. Patsy Parisi (Donna Pescow! I know I already mentioned that), along with Meadow and Patrick. I guess this is the parents sort of putting their stamp of approval on the relationship. Mrs. Parisi tries to tell a joke, but she totally screws it up, so Patsy tells it for her and everyone chuckles politely. Tony asks about Jason Parisi, and Mrs. Patsy says she didn't think he was invited. Carmela says that she didn't think he'd be interested in wedding talk. When did Meadow and Patrick get engaged? Did I miss that? Tony won't leave it alone, and wants to talk about Jason Gervasi. Patsy and his wife agree that Jason G. is a mess, and Tony lightens the mood by saying there's no shortage of lawyers in the room, should he need one. Carmela tells Tony that Patsy needs a refill. Not used to being served by Tony, Patsy goes to fill his own glass, but Tony won't let him. Mrs. Parisi subtly checks the bottom of the china. Nice character detail. I'm kind of sad this is the only episode she'll ever be in, and I wonder why she never got the nod to hang out with Carmela's crew. Tony ribs Meadow for only taking on charity law cases. Patrick reveals that his boss talked to Meadow about working for them when she finished law school, and was talking about a starting salary of $170,000. The dude must know she's Tony's daughter; who offers someone a job at a top law firm when they've barely started law school? Patrick dishes about their current case, where they're defending a government official accused of corruption. Carmela's smile fades as she realizes that Meadow would be getting involved the same life Tony and Carmela worked so hard to shelter her from, in many ways.

At Satriale's, the orange cat is staring at the photo of Christopher on the wall. Walden tells Paulie that the cat does that all the time. Paulie is freaked out. Walden keeps talking about cats, and how they're weird. Paulie orders Walden to get rid of the cat, and then picks up a broom himself to whack the cat or something. But Tony walks in, so Paulie pretends he was just sweeping the floor. Ha! Paulie fills Tony in on the cat's behavior, like Tony doesn't have bigger fish to fry. He asks Walden to leave for a minute, but first Paulie asks why an Italian dude is named Walden. He says he was named after Bobby Darin: "Walden Robert Cassotto." I guess that's Bobby Darin's real name; I thought it was Walden's real name, and I was very confused because I thought his last name was Belfiore. Which it is. Anyway, Paulie and Tony sit down. Tony asks Paulie to take over the Cifaretto crew now that Carlo is "absent." Tony says it's a ton of money, but Paulie doesn't seem very excited. Paulie asks if he can mull it over a little and claims he doesn't want to die and leave Tony in lurch again. He reminds Tony, "I had the prostate." Tony agrees to let Paulie think it over, but he looks annoyed and slightly confused. Paulie walks outside and looks deeply troubled.

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