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Happy Birthday To Hugh

Fade to later, as it's now after dark. Fegoli is pontificating to Pa about the quality of Baretta's workmanship. He's even visited their studio in Italy, a fact which impresses Tony to no end. But then Dr. F adds that they never export their best pieces, which is a total faux pas, because it means that Pa's is faux. Tony is livid, and stomps off without saying another word. Everyone else is quiet and awkward, until one of the geezers finally breaks the tension by telling a story about the time Pa threw a cherry bomb at some German soldiers. Hmm. Was that during the great battle of Nova Scotia?

Carmela comes over to join Tony by the grill, and thanks him warmly for everything he's done. "You made my father's year with that gun," she tells him "He deserves it," agrees Tony, who really does seem to like the guy. They share an awkward silence, because they're actually feeling pleasant toward one another, and they don't seem to know how to handle that. Tony gets them back into their usual routine by commenting that he could use a beer, and Carmela is delighted to fetch one for him. She brings back two bottles from a nearby cooler, and they smile and silently toast each other. He then asks if she thinks the food looks done, but Carmela defers to his expertise on all things meaty. "You're the Grillmeister," she says. Oh, he'll be grilling her meister, all right, but that's not for another ten minutes or so.

Over by the pool, Meadow and Diet Tony are deep in conversation. She's liberalizing about how the legal system screws minorities and Arabs and whatnot, and Diet Tony piles on by saying that the penal system represents the ultimate insult to civil rights. "The nature of the system instills a convict mentality to the point where prison becomes the only venue where the convict can function," he preaches. Uh huh. Tell that to Tobias Beecher, why don't you? Regular Tony comes over to join them, and continues our theme of spoiling things for his slender sidekick by pulling Meadow onto his lap and giggling with her about various childhood memories. Once again, it's hard to tell if Diet Tony is more jealous of the fatherhood or the lap-sitting. Carmela, meanwhile, watches from afar, and smiles wistfully when she sees Tony reintegrating himself into the family so easily.

Once Meadow leaves, the Tonys light up cigars, and discuss the Phil fiasco. Diet Tony reports back on the $2,000 factory seat Phil wants, and Tony sports his standard shit-eating grin when he says that he'd hate to see Angie get stuck with a bill like that. "Then again," he continues, glancing at Carmela, "her friend over there is taking me to the cleaners with this divorce shit. I gotta belt-tighten." Wow. I'm surprised Tony can even wear a belt at this point. I was assuming he just tied a string of sausages around his waist every morning, so he'd at least always have a snack handy. Then the editing gets sort of random for a few moments, and we cut to a shot of Pa almost passing out from exertion and drunkenness. Carmela calls Diet Tony over to give them a hand, prompting him mutter, "What am I, a slave?" as he gets up to leave his cousin. Regular Tony is shocked by this display of rudeness, despite the fact that he's said way worse right to Carmela's face about a googol times. But then he takes a few bites from his sausage belt, and all is well once again.

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