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Happy Birthday To Hugh

Das Sopranohaus. AJ is in his bedroom, rocking out (poorly) on the drums while Pa DeAngelis is up on the roof, fixing a loose shingle. Seeing as how AJ just so happens to have a huge window right behind him, I think we all know what's coming next, right? Well, except for those of us who had more respect for this show's comedic sensibilities, that is. Then again, when Imperioli gets in front of typewriter, all bets go out the window. Also out the window, of course, is Pa DeAngelis's falling body, as he tumbles off the roof and drops into a hedge along the side of the house.

Cut to a hospital, where Ma DeAngelis is frantic with worry. "After all these years of marriage," she whines, "do you know what you find yourself thinking in your private moments? Please, God, let me die first." Hmm. You know, I'm not even married, and yet I still frequently find myself wishing Ma DeAngelis would die first. That's why it amuses me that she's listed three pages later in the credits than her husband. "In some ways, you've been spared that," Ma continues, "with you and Tony calling it quits now." Yeah. And if you ever find yourself struggling to come up with reasons why Carmela would be willing to sleep with Tony again later on in the episode, you probably need look no further than this scene's perfect example of maternal disapproval. Ma also frets that it might be necessary to cancel Hugh's upcoming seventy-fifth birthday party, and when you consider that mere moments ago she was worried that the guy might actually be dead, that does seems like a reasonable suggestion. Carmela, however, is much more optimistic, and it's her viewpoint that ultimately gets borne out when a doctor emerges to tell them that Pa suffered nothing more than a few cuts and bruises. And, yeah, the doctor is a turban-wearing Sikh, and he's really just one of the many ethnic extras in this scene, because there's also an Asian-looking guy in severe abdominal distress seated nearby in the waiting room. I have no idea if all that's supposed to symbolic of anything, but I do kind of like the idea that all the Italians on this show end up in the mob, whereas every other group seems to be going into medicine. Except for the Jews, of course, who just exploit black people and steal from little old ladies. Once they know that Pa will be okay, Ma returns to the subject of the party, getting painfully passive-aggressive as she suggest that maybe Tony shouldn't get an invite. Carmela, however, isn't so sure. "Just the idea of having a family party in the back yard, without Tony there manning the grill, playing host? It wouldn't be the same," she says. The Abdominal Asian howls in pain yet again, prompting Ma to look around for a doctor to help the guy. Then she turns back to Carmela, and with a completely straight face, says, "I think it's a very wise decision." Carm -- who probably should be hip to her mother's tricks by now -- says she hasn't made a decision yet. "I thought I heard you say that you had, that he wasn't coming." Heh. Somehow I just can't see Ma successfully pulling off the Jedi mind trick.

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