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Paulie sits in his car, listening to exactly the kind of music that you probably think Paulie would listen to -- some sort of '50s doo wop. It's night, and the street is abandoned. Another car pulls up, and I totally thought Paulie was either going to get whacked, or whack someone. The passenger of the other car is Vito, who is with his driver. Paulie has apparently been expecting Vito, and is not surprised to see the "thin man." Well, let's not get carried away. Vito is much, much smaller, but I still wouldn't call him thin. Vito says that he was at the hospital with Carmela, and both men express admiration for the way Carm is handling the whole thing, and her loyalty. Paulie wonders who would take care of his mother if something happened to him. Vito hands Paulie a slip of paper and says, "Columbians knock off at noon. Then it's empty."

Paulie and some other guy -- whose name I do not know, but who I'm just going to call Biggie -- walk into an apartment building. Paulie says that the manager's unit is down a flight. They are interrupted by a maintenance man, who takes one look at Paulie and Biggie and starts running away. There's a hilarious shot of Paulie running down the hallway with this weird grimace on his face. It's just so odd to see Paulie being a bad-ass, given his ridiculous hair and his nylon warmup suit. It's like, he's running down the hall to kill someone, but you can hear the "swish swish" of his thighs rubbing together. Anyway, they catch up to the maintenance guy before he can duck into a room in the basement. Biggie grabs Maintenance Guy and sticks a gun in his face, asking who's in the room. The maintenance guy unlocks the door, and Paulie and Biggie burst in, guns blazing. There's a guy sitting at a table (which looks suspiciously familiar -- have the set dressers been raiding my mother-in-law's house for props?) counting money. Biggie uses Maintenance Guy as a human shield, causing Maintenance Guy to take two bullets to the chest. Paulie returns fire, killing the money counter. As Paulie and Biggie try to figure out what the hell they just walked in on, another guy (Baldie) runs through the door and attacks Paulie from behind with a knife. Paulie tells Biggie to shoot his attacker, but Biggie can't get a clear shot. Baldy and Paulie grapple for a while, and Baldy finally knees Paulie in, walnuts. Paulie falls to the ground, allowing Biggie to take his shot. Baldy seems to be already dead, or well on his way, but Paulie is still pissed and picks up the knife from the ground before planting it firmly in Baldy's chest. Biggie notes that it was supposed to be empty in there, according to Vito's information. Did Vito set Paulie up? Interesting. Paulie is worried about his "fucking balls." Biggie starts looking for the cash they were promised, but can't find any, and wants to hightail it out of there, since they will probably attract attention soon from the noise that they made. Paulie ain't hearing it, and starts crawling around trying to find the cash. Biggie starts pulling the place apart, and can't believe that they risked their lives for only two grand. Biggie kicks a cabinet, which causes a dishwasher to fall open -- and the dishwasher is stuffed with lots and lots of cash.

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