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Some paramedics wheel Silvio out of his house on a stretcher as Gabriella assures him that he'll be okay. Silvio keeps saying that he can't breathe. Before they get to the ambulance, a car pulls up and Bobby gets out. Instead of being concerned for Silvio's health, Bobby says, "Sil! I didn't hear from you!" Jesus. Sometimes I think Tony stays in the coma just to get away from these assholes and get some rest.

In the hospital waiting room, Vito and another guy discuss how Silvio's in the hospital now. Vito says that if Tony dies, someone will have to step up. Vito points out that he's a young man, and that he's healthy now. Yeah, keep dreaming, dude. It's never going to happen.

In the cafeteria, Vito grabs some food. Carmela walks in to get some coffee and expresses dismay that Silvio's ailing too. Vito assures her that Silvio will be fine. He moves closer and quietly says that he knows Carmela is waiting for a package, but that there are people watching, making a delivery difficult. Carmela says it's fine, and that she's not worried about the money, because she has bigger concerns. As if he didn't even hear her, Vito goes on about how he can't get the money to her right now. It's like he wrote a script in his head and he's following it no matter what Carmela says. Vito pays for Carm's coffee, like that makes up for shorting her.

Paulie walks into the ICU with Meadow, who coaches him to make positive conversation while he's in with Tony. Paulie agrees, but the second he is in the door, he yells out, "Oof, madon'! He looks terrible!" Meadow reminds him not to talk that way. Paulie says he wasn't prepared. The nurse walks out with a container of some gross-looking fluid and reminds them that only one person can be in the room at a time. Meadow quietly calls her a ballbuster, and says she needs to go down and meet Finn. She reminds Paulie one more time to stay positive, and leaves.

Paulie sits and immediately launches into some positive talk about his groin injury. Tony's heart rate is 140. As Paulie continues to talk about his problems, Tony's heart rate goes higher and higher. Paulie continues to talk about how he's getting older and his body is falling apart. To demonstrate, he grabs the underside of his arm and notes, "Fucking wrinkles like an old lady's cunt."

Meanwhile, Finn exits the elevator and looks around for Meadow. Vito pops up out of nowhere and says hello. Vito is really creeping me out this season. Finn rolls his eyes and asks how Tony is doing. Vito starts stroking Finn's arm, but luckily, Meadow walks up just then and Finn gives her a long hug to reaffirm his heterosexuality. Vito takes the hint and walks off. Meadow assures Finn that Vito is harmless. The more people say that, the more I think that Vito is not harmless.

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