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Back in Tony's room, Paulie is going on and on about how Pussy ratted them out to the FBI, as Tony's heart rate continues to climb. Also, isn't Paulie at all worried about someone overhearing this conversation?

Paulie's annoying talk bleeds through into Tony's subconscious, as PurgaTony yells at someone in the next hotel room to shut up. PurgaTony gets directions to the Finnerty family reunion, which involves driving out toward the beacon. PurgaTony loses his temper and starts pounding on the wall to get the noise next door (i.e. Paulie's babbling) to stop.

And in real life, Tony's heart rate has gone so high that alarms are blaring and lights are flashing on the monitor. Paulie finally notices that something is amiss. A nurse rushes in and calls for help, and then rolls in a crash cart. Paulie runs out. Meadow arrives with Finn, starts sobbing and looks for her mother. The crash team tries to restore Tony's heart rhythm. They charge up the defibrillator paddles and shock Tony's heart.

This action bleeds through as thunder while PurgaTony is driving to the reunion, which takes place in a giant house, all lit up with Christmas lights. Tony parks and walks up to the house, carrying his briefcase. He sees little kids playing out on the lawn and seems pleased by the activity he can see going on inside the house. PurgaTony walks up to a guy standing out front and asks if this is the Finnerty reunion. The guy turns around, and it's Diet Tony, who says that they've been waiting for him, and that his family's inside. PurgaTony is confused, since he's not Kevin Finnerty, so the people inside can't be his family. Diet Tony tells him that he's going home. PurgaTony is intrigued, and walks over so that he can look through the front door, where he gets a glimpse of a figure that looks like a younger Livia. Diet Tony keeps urging PurgaTony to go inside, but says that he needs to drop the briefcase, because he can't bring business in there. PurgaTony hears a little girl calling for her daddy, and hesitates, saying that he lost his real briefcase and that his whole life was in it. He hears the little girl yelling, "Don't go, Daddy!" PurgaTony gets spooked, and refuses to give up his briefcase to Diet Tony, who tries to take it with greater and greater force. The little girl yells, "We love you, Daddy! Don't leave us." The wind blows through the nearby trees. PurgaTony takes a few steps closer to the house, trying to peer inside. He tells Diet Tony, "For some reason, I'm scared." Diet Tony keeps trying to take the briefcase, but PurgaTony pulls away, unsure. As he stares in the front door, the light inside gets brighter and brighter, filling up the whole screen, until...

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