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...we're back at the hospital, where the monitor is still indicating a flatline. Meadow is begging, "Please don't leave us, Daddy. We love you." The light goes away, and we see Meadow and Carmela leaning over Tony. The monitor starts beeping again, and Carmela notices that Tony's eyes are open. Tony tries to focus. The doctor announces that Tony's heart rhythm is back and that his blood pressure is good. Everyone in the room (Bobby, Janice, Carmela, Meadow) starts hugging and cheering. Tony seems conscious, but groggy.

Bobby marches down the hall to the waiting room, where Paulie is telling everyone how he was holding Tony's hand, and then "the machines went bullshit." Bobby reaches the group and announces, "Skip's gonna make it. He's conscious!" Everyone starts cheering and hugging, except for Vito, who looks disappointed.

That night, in his home, Vito pigs out on baby carrots. The doorbell rings, and he answers it to find Paulie, with two shopping bags full of cash. Paulie says that they need to get Carmela her cut right away. Vito thinks that will make it look like they're only doing it out of guilt. Paulie points out that Tony is conscious, and that no one knows what Tony heard while he was in the coma, so he may be expecting his cut right away.

Tony doesn't look like he's expecting much of anything. Carmela feeds ice chips into his chapped mouth and tells the assembled group (Meadow, Finn, AJ, Carm's mother, Rosalie Aprile) that Tony can't talk yet because of the tube that was in his throat. Everyone is smiling and joking around, except for AJ. Well, and Tony, who looks like death warmed over, and somehow also simultaneously annoyed that everyone is in his room. Tony motions for Carmela to come closer and whispers, "I'm dead, right?" Carmela tells him that he's in the hospital, in Newark. How is that not hell?

Carmela walks out to the waiting room, where Paulie and Vito are waiting. They ask about Tony, and Carm says that he just passed his first neurological test, but that he's not out of the woods yet. Paulie compliments Carmela's strength in helping Tony pull through. He hands Carmela an envelope full of cash, and she expresses gratitude. Paulie says it's what they do. Vito says he'd want the same for his wife, and Paulie says he'd want the same for his mother. Carmela walks away, all full of good feelings, and turns to watch Paulie and Vito get on the elevator. Except that they've totally dropped the act now that they think she's not looking, and just look pissed off and annoyed that they had to give her the money. Carmela takes this in with a look of dawning realization.

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