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Meadow and AJ arrive at the hospital and are greeted by Bobby and Christopher. Meadow heads to Tony's room immediately, but AJ sticks around, and Christopher takes the opportunity to say that he knows AJ tried to buy a gun the day before. AJ can't believe they know about it. Christopher and Bobby empathize with AJ's feelings, but tell him it just can't happen. Bobby adds that Junior is in federal lockup, so no one can get to him. AJ says that it's "difficult, but not impossible," which the Eagle-Eyed Forum Posters pointed out is a Godfather II reference. I think AJ's been spending some time in the Soprano in-house screeing room. Bobby suggests that AJ "channel that rage elsewheres [sic] -- Golden Gloves." AJ doesn't respond the way I would in that situation, which is to ask, "How old are you? Sixty? Do they even have Golden Gloves competitions anymore? And what makes you think I would win?" Christopher suggests lifting weights or that AJ could "fuck [his] girlfriend more." "More"? Wouldn't that imply that AJ has a girlfriend and is fucking her at all? Christopher gives AJ a noogie and calls him a hothead. AJ just looks annoyed and walks away.

Carmela stands outside Tony's room and watches as the doctors do something. Meadow greets her with a hug. AJ joins them, and Carmela asks whether he brought her sweater. AJ disgustedly says, "Your sweater? Man, Jesus fuck!" AJ is upset that he's only allowed to run errands and not take care of "the larger issues." Carmela doesn't know what in the hell AJ is going on about, but AJ thinks she put Christopher and Bobby up to talking to him about his gun purchase. Well, AJ doesn't mention the gun purchase to Carmela, in case she doesn't already know about it. Meadow just kind of rolls her eyes, and Carmela drops the subject because the doctors are coming out of Tony's room. Carmela corners Dr. Rachel's Dad and wonders if the nurse told him that Tony moved his eyebrows last night. Dr. Rachel's Dad advises Carmela to "recalibrate [her] expectations," because Tony is barely staying alive, much less regaining consciousness. The family walks into Tony's room, and Meadow reminds Carmela that Tony is really strong. AJ agrees. Meadow crawls into bed with Tony and snuggles against him by way of greeting.

Cut to PurgaTony, waking up in his hotel room. It's daytime, so there's no beacon on the horizon anymore. PurgaTony realizes that someone has shoved an envelope under his door, so he waddles over and grabs it. Inside is a summons which reveals that Kevin Finnerty is being sued by the Crystal Monastery.

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