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PurgaTony visits the monks at the Crystal Monastery. He finds the two monks he met in the hotel in last week's episode. PurgaTony amiably asks if he really looks so much like Kevin Finnerty. One of the monks says, "To a certain extent, all Caucasians look alike." Nice one. PurgaTony tries to explain his situation again, and then adds, "But I am kind of worried about what I might have done." One of the monks (the one who slapped him earlier) snidely suggests that PurgaTony is lying about not being Finnerty. PurgaTony explains that he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's yesterday. Snide Monk chuckles, but Older Monk invites Tony inside. Snide Monk is kind of a dick.

PurgaTony sits at a table with the monks and asks if they can help him find Finnerty. They kind of laugh at him. One of the monks explains that, one day, they will all die, but in the meantime, they need "to find someone that will take responsibility." He's talking about their faulty heating system. Or is he? PurgaTony says he can't do that, and the monk says that the lawsuit will proceed.

Back in the hospital, Carmela reads a Sue Grafton novel while Tony continues breathing steadily with the respirator. Janice walks in and tells Carmela to go home and rest. Apparently, Janice can stay because she just ate Chinese food. Whuh? Wouldn't that just mean that she'll be hungry again in half an hour?

Carmela heads to the grocery store to pick up coffee for the house. She runs into Melfi, who seems genuinely concerned for Carmela's well-being, adding that she heard Tony is stable. Melfi offers to run interference with the doctors or just be there for talk and counseling. Carmela thanks Melfi and says that she has plenty of people around to talk to. They both chuckle politely as Carmela rushes off.

Vinny Delpino, Silvio's driver, shows up to Silvio's house to pick him up. Sil's wife, Gabriella, answers the door wearing a one-piece, hooded, zip-front fuchsia jumpsuit. Pick any one of those adjectives in front of the word "jumpsuit" to decipher where that outfit started to go horribly wrong. While Gab is busy getting coffee for the guys, Vinnie and Sil have a quiet conversation about the Columbians showing up dead and two guys they know scoring "a million plus."

Upstairs, Silvio finishes up his daily ablutions with a puff on his inhaler. Gab walks in and expresses sympathy over his asthma acting up. I just noticed that Gab has a fake Gerbera daisy pinned in her chignon, tinted to match her jumpsuit, natch. The costumer for this show must have so much fun. Gab tells Sil that she's really proud of him for being acting boss. Sil says that he never wanted this much responsibility, but Gab keeps pumping him up and telling him what a great boss he would make. Gab asks what happens if Tony doesn't recover. Sil doesn't answer at first, as Gab helps him with his cufflinks. Sil finally says that he's never told anybody this, but that when Jackie Aprile Sr. was dying, he floated the idea of Sil stepping up as boss, and Sil turned it down. Gab keeps pushing the idea that Sil wants to be boss. Sil says that he prefers to stay behind the scenes and give advice and strategy. Gab reminds him, "The times make the man, honey. Not the other way around." When did Gabriella turn into Lady Macbeth?

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