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The guys deliver JT to a car parked outside. Apparently, JT has run up some more gambling debts. Christopher is offering to help JT out if he will help them write a horror movie. JT asks whether accepting the deal means that he is "100% well," meaning that he won't owe anything. Christopher makes fun of JT trying to use the lingo, as if Christopher isn't doing the same exact thing with the move lingo. Anyway, Christopher's big idea is "Saw meets Godfather 2 -- proven track record, both genres." And you know? He's kind of right. Christopher lays out the plot, which is too awesome not to include in its entirety: "Young wiseguy, assassin, gets betrayed by his people. They whack him, leave his body parts in dumpsters all around the city. Long story short, he is put back together, by science, or maybe it's supernatural. And he gets payback on everyone who fucked him over, including the cunt he was engaged to. She was getting porked by his boss the night the hero was killed." I think Christopher needs to pay a visit to Melfi, because he clearly still has issues. Christopher says JT needs to attend a meeting tomorrow at the Bing, and by "needs to," Christopher means that JT will be there or suffer some serious consequences. They toss JT out onto the sidewalk, where his students are just exiting the building. JT yells at them for not coming to his aid. One girl, wearing a top hat, just gives him a dirty look. Oh, those writers. They are so quirky and pretentious. And inveterate gamblers.

Sil stands at the ICU desk, reading the paper. A nurse reminds him that only family members are allowed on the unit, but Sil's not leaving. Carmela walks out of Tony's room, where she was conferring with Father Intintola, who I kind of forgot existed. Sil hugs her and says that Carmela has a large package coming her way, shortly. Carmela is pleased because "insurance won't pay for physical therapy." I've always been kind of curious as to how these guys get health insurance, but I guess they can afford to pay it on their own. Carmela asks Sil to come in and say hello to Tony. Sil doesn't look too sure about it, but agrees. He walks into the room and just stares at Tony, horrified. Carmela notices Silvio's reluctance, and gently escorts him over to Tony's bedside. Silvio just stares, and then puts his hand on Tony's hand.

Vito and his wife have dinner with Phil Leotardo and his wife at someone's house. Vito, of course, is going on about his diet. Phil reveals that he's married to Vito's cousin, so at least now we know how they're related. The wives leave the room, and the men talk business. Phil says that Bobby doesn't have any claim on the sports book, and that he doesn't know why Sil ruled the way he did. That Phil, always stirring the pot. Vito complains that Sil is more worried about taking care of Carmela than about looking after the guys who actually earn the money. Phil has the same problem; he's been "keeping Ginny in butter brickle." This leads Phil to talk about his late younger brother again, and he ominously says, "I don't forget." Vito and Phil stare at each other, and then Vito tries to bring up Carmela again, but they're interrupted by Vito's wife. Once she leaves again, Vito says that he doesn't feel right giving Carmela all this money without knowing Tony's long-term outlook, because it could be "money down the drain." Phil admits that it's tempting to short Carmela, but that Vito can't think that way. Phil is actually not stirring the pot on this issue? What's wrong with him? My guess is that he probably wants to make sure Vito sticks around, for further shit-disturbing. Vito is Phil's puppet in the New Jersey family.

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