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Paulie sits in his house and ices his junk. His nephew urges him to spend some of the money he got from the Columbian score, and that he'll feel better. I don't think spending money makes Paulie feel better. Paulie complains about having to kick up to Carmela, because "T's a fucking vegetable but [he] still has to pay tribute to the princess of Little Italy." Little Paulie looks alarmed at Big Paulie's attitude.

The next day, Paulie sits in his kitchen clipping coupons. Clipping coupons! Awesome. Sil calls and tells Paulie to make sure he brings "the piece of pie" to the hospital for Carmela. Paulie gives him some lip, and Sil asks if Paulie has a problem taking orders from him. Paulie assures him that he'll take care of it and they hang up. Sil starts sucking on his inhaler while Paulie goes back to clipping coupons.

Carmela walks into Tony's room, and the nurse tells her not to get in bed with Tony, because it dislodged his drain. Carmela says that it was Meadow, and that she thinks that "physical affection means something." The nurse just gives her bitchface and walks out. Meadow is asleep in a chair. Carmela complains about how cold it is in the room, and adjusts Tony's blankets before settling back in with her book.

PurgaTony sits on his bed in his hotel room and talks to "Carmela" on the phone about the lawsuit. PurgaTony admits that he fell down some stairs and went to the doctor, but can't bring himself to tell his wife about his Alzheimer's diagnosis. Carmela thinks about coming out to California, but PurgaTony urges her not to. He finds an invitation in Finnerty's briefcase announcing a Finnerty family reunion at a nearby inn. The sequence is interrupted by a bright white light, and we go back to the hospital, where a doctor is checking Tony's pupils with a flashlight.

Christopher brings JT into a meeting, which I thought he said was going to be at the Bing, but actually appears to be at Little Carmine Lupertazzi's house. Carmine is thinking about producing Christopher's film, since he has experience in making pornos. Carmine welcomes all of them, as most of the Family members are sitting around, waiting to hear about potentially investing in the film. Christopher tells JT to give his pitch. JT starts talking and realizes that he's not sure if he should acknowledge that he knows what these guys do for a living, but Christopher helps him out. JT says that the hero's name is "The Butcher." Before he can continue, Sil interrupts and says that they need to change the name, due to "a certain butcher out of AC." Christopher realizes what Sil means, and agrees to change the name. JT tries to get back on track, and the guys all laugh over his description of the hero being alive when he gets cut up. JT continues, explaining that the hero's body parts reassemble, but he's missing a hand, so he ties a cleaver onto his arm and goes out to get revenge. The title is now Pork Store Killer, but JT would like to suggest Cleaver.

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