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The guys immediately start picking nits. Vito wants to know if the guy is a ghost, and Carmine says he's "a zombie of sorts." Patsy points out that it's not that plausible that all his body parts would end up at the same dump. I'm sure that would be the first thing that the average moviegoer would think about. Sil wants to quibble about the genre; he doesn't think it's a true slasher film. JT tries to educate Sil on the genre, but it leads to an argument over whether or not Michael Myers is supernatural. Which he totally is, at least in the sequels, but whatever. Christopher points out that Saw and The Ring made millions. Vinnie Delpino speaks up, having thought very deeply about this whole thing, and offers that they might have deposited the parts along the same garbage route, which would mean they would all end up in the same dump. Well, thanks Vinnie. Problem solved. Vito is still upset about the hero being a ghost, and Christopher yells, "Ghostbusters! Another fucking money machine." That whole scene was hilarious. I don't think the storyline is going to end well for JT, but I can't wait to see how it plays out.

Artie shows up at the hospital with some food for Carmela. She thanks him as Paulie walks up and pretty much dismisses Artie. Bye Artie! Not that I'm sad to see him go, but he was on screen for about five seconds. Paulie compliments Carmela on her strength, and then asks when he can see Tony. Carmela says it's tough to sneak people in, but that she'll try to get him in soon. The conversation is interrupted when Carmela notices a news story about her family. They show footage of Carmela rushing AJ into the hospital, and then AJ cursing the reporters from Meadow's bedroom window with a voice-over claiming that AJ said, "Growing up Soprano, it's just plain weird." Carmela looks horrified.

Back at Casa di Soprano, Carmela storms inside, right past her parents, who are sitting on the couch watching a commercial for Big Lots. Carmela busts into AJ's room, where he's sleeping in bed. Carmela tosses off his covers and threatens to kill him for shaming the family on "national fucking television." AJ claims he was misquoted, and Carmela says that everyone is misquoted, which is why she told him not to talk to the press. AJ complains that Carmela looked like "a total asshole, dragging [him] around like [he is] five years old." Carmela seethes and then spits out, "You are a cross to bear. That's all you are. To your father, to me, to everybody." AJ curses, grabs his clothes, and stomps out of the room. By this point, Carmela's parents and Meadow have gathered in the doorway to see what's going on. Hugh asks Carmela what's wrong with her. Carmela screams at him and runs into her bedroom, slamming the door. Meadow comments that this had to happen, because Carmela is fried. In her room, Carmela sobs into a pillow.

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