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Sil and Gab have a conversation in their giant bathroom. Gab wants to know if Sil gets extra money for his new responsibilities. Sil says that it's just part of the job, and that he's pleased Vito called him "Skip" the other day. Gab asks if Silvio would get more money if the position became permanent. What, their bathroom isn't quite big enough? They need to add yet another giant whirlpool tub so they can take side-by-side soaks? Silvio tells her not to go there. Seriously. It's not like he's VP of Operations, covering for a CEO on maternity leave or something. There's no HR department here, and there are no annual performance reviews. There are also no firings, unless you count getting whacked.

Bobby arrives at Silvio's house. Gabriella warns him to keep it short, because Silvio's very tired. Silvio coughs his way down the stairs. Bobby complains that with his new baby and two kids in private school, he can't handle the money situation. Silvio doesn't even remember what Bobby's talking about, so Bobby reminds him about Roseville, and how it was only supposed to be temporary. Bobby is really upset about this, and why do I get the feeling that he just had a big fight with Janice and she sent him over to bug Silvio? Sil asks for time to think, takes a drag on his inhaler, and then says that mornings are better, and that he'll let Bobby know his decision tomorrow morning. Bobby is frantic and disappointed. He storms out.

Carmela is in Melfi's office, explaining that she didn't know what was appropriate to tell Melfi, since she's Tony's therapist. Melfi says she just wants to help. Carmela starts telling her about AJ and Meadow, and pretends that the problem is that they keep guns in the home. Melfi stays quiet and just lets Carmela talk. Carmela reveals her confrontation with AJ. Melfi asks how Carmela is doing. Carmela says she's "frazzled," but that she's more worried about her kids. Now that they're growing up, they know the truth about Tony's life, and they also know that their parents lied to them when they were young. Carmela is concerned that her kids have to face the public and vouch for their father's choices. Melfi wonders if Carmela is also talking about herself. Carmela says that she knew who Tony was the minute she met him: "And I don't know if I loved him in spite of it, or because of it." I think that's a huge thing for Carmela to admit, since she's kind of always acted like she didn't have a choice. Melfi asks how Carmela coped with her knowledge. Carmela says that she cried to her priest, but that was bullshit, because she really doesn't think Tony's the biggest crook around. Carmela cries a bit as she says that her kids didn't have a choice like she and Tony did. Melfi asks what happens now. Carmela wonders the same thing, and struggles to find the words for what her kids have become. Melfi supplies, "Complicit," and Carmela breaks down for a minute. Melfi carefully says, "Putting aside the moral and legal issues, clarity can't be a bad thing." Carmela agrees and says that she hadn't told Tony she loved him in a long time before his coma. Melfi wonders if Carmela will still love Tony when he wakes up, and then says that Tony thought things were better between them. The scene just ends there, kind of weirdly, but wow. Carmela just made more progress in one session than I think Tony has made since the show began, because she was pretty honest. And I also like how they brought up that it's pretty easy to love someone who's in a coma, because you can project whatever you want on the person, and they can't screw it up by being a human being who says mean things or acts the wrong way.

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