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Christopher, still neck-braced, gets out of his car to talk to one of his dealers, who says he heard what happened, including the part about Christopher crapping himself. Christopher ignores this and asks for his cut, but the dealer tells him that Junior's boys came and took it: "They said you was out and this was they corner now." Christopher wants to know why the dealer didn't argue; the dealer doesn't argue with a Smith & Wesson. Good policy. "Sorry, man," the dealer shrugs. "Business." Christopher pretends not to mind and pats the guy on the shoulder, then knocks him down; after a few kicks and slaps and a mock-garroting, Christopher tells the dealer that it's still his corner, and if he gives up the cut to anyone but Christopher, Christopher's "coming back for your thumb." More kicking, then Christopher picks the dealer's pocket and heads out.

Before the fight. AJ's friend gives him advice; AJ tells AJF he's just making him nervous. AJF offers AJ a PowerBar; AJ tells him to shut up. A guy who looks remarkably like the kid who played Lardass in Stand By Me calls out, "He's coming." Enter Jeremy. A High Noon moment with the two of them staring at each other and other kids staring at the two of them. Jeremy reaches slowly into his pocket, pulls out his wallet, unfastens the Velcro (heh), and pulls out forty bucks. "What the hell is that?" "Just take it," Jeremy grunts. "I'll fight you for it," says moron AJ, who would clearly get his ass kicked if any of his fights with Jeremy lasted more than fifteen seconds and who should take the opportunity not to get pasted before Jeremy changes his mind. "I can't," Jeremy says impatiently, and when AJ asks why not, Jeremy gestures with the money and snaps, "Just take it!" Finally, AJ takes it, but not before sniping, "I knew you'd chicken out." Shut UP, Chunky Style! Jesus! Jeremy and I make "whatever" faces, and Jeremy walks off. The other kids clap half-heartedly. "He chickened out. He's scared," AJ tells his friend, sounding like he doesn't quite believe it himself, and some other kid snorts, "Oh yeah. He's real scared of you," like, word, Other Kid, but AJF hoists AJ's arm in the air all Burt Young in Rocky and congratulates him on winning, but the other kids all roll their eyes at AJ and scatter, and AJ and his friend take off in the opposite direction, and the camera pans up to show them walking alone across a baseball diamond.

Bada Bing's. Boobs. Buttocks. Tony tries to read the book Melfi recommended, then surreptitiously checks his watch and busts out the Prozac. As he washes it down with a slug of Scotch, his attention is drawn to a TV broadcast announcing that Jackie Aprile died earlier that afternoon. The TV shows a mug shot of Jackie, and Tony yells for someone to turn the music off; Pussy and Paulie turn around to look at the TV. The girls drift to a stop. After the report ends (and I'm impressed by the producer's use of real-life NY1 broadcaster Annika Pergament for this segment), Tony begins to cry: "Goddammit, I was just there, he told me he wouldn't go today." One of the girls, a blonde, announces in a Southern accent that "I'll never forget where I was this day," and she folds her hands reverently over her naked breasts and bows her head. Snerk. Shut up, naked blonde. The boys all hug and sniffle, and Tony makes a toast: "To a great man, a great leader, a great friend. To Jackie. Buon' anima," and they clink glasses.

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