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Shot of the inside of the late Brendan's front door. Christopher makes "hello hello" noises from outside. Then he lets himself and Adriana in, grumbling about Brendan leaving the door unlocked, and he looks in the fridge while calling out that Brendan "should have seen" him at the hospital; meanwhile, Adriana goes into the back of the apartment. Predictably, we hear Adriana scream just a moment later, and Christopher walks past her huddled in the doorway to see Brendan in the bathtub, one eye shot out and a fly buzzing around the blood stain next to his head. Christopher's face crumples; he clutches his stomach and winces and goes out to hug Adriana.

A school hallway. Pan over to AJ on the phone saying, "Uh huh…uh huh…yeah, that's the message. Thanks." His friend tells him, "Yo, way to go, Ant." Shut up, AJ's friend. AJ, kitted out in a way oversized polo shirt whose sleeves nearly come down to his elbows, does a countdown while looking down the hall at a cluster of other kids, and a beeper goes off. A kid in a yellow shirt who looks a bit older than AJ checks his beeper, then looks up to see AJ and friend stupidly standing beside the payphone and smiling, and he walks over to them; AJ looks apprehensive. "You think this is funny?" Yellow Shirt asks, and AJ's friend says with mock bravado, "What, what's funny?" AJ says he "didn't do nothin'." Yellow Shirt informs him that if AJ beeps him one more time, he's "gonna be sorry." AJ's Friend: "We don't know what you're talking about." Yellow Shirt sneers, "'Your mother blows,' that's a real original message," and AJF suggests that maybe Yellow Shirt's mother does in fact blow, and he and AJ start laughing, and AJ, whose mondo geeko bowl haircut is having continuity issues in addition to its customary dork-out issues, shrugs, "Yeah."

But Yellow Shirt wants to know, "Oh yeah? Then why'd you scarf up all the donuts she sent us at camp? And you used to cry on her shoulder -- 'Oh, I'm so homesick, Mrs. Piocosta'!" The other kids in the hall start laughing, and AJ takes a step towards Yellow Shirt and tells him to shut up, and he gives Yellow Shirt a shove. Yellow Shirt rolls his eyes, shoves AJ back, and tells him to "have another donut, you fat fart-knocker." Heh -- "fart-knocker." AJ takes a swing at Yellow Shirt, which Yellow Shirt easily ducks, punching AJ in the stomach and slamming him into a row of lockers as the other kids cheer. They tussle; Yellow Shirt thumps AJ to the floor. Other kids watch while making fake punching motions in the air, staring at the fight impassively, or rolling their eyes. AJ and Yellow Shirt roll around on the ground in a clinch. An assistant principal materializes and yells at them to break it up and says he wants "a five-minute cool-down period, right now." AJ pulls at the collar of his shirt, which has gotten torn. Yellow Shirt glares at him. The bell rings.

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