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Tony goes to his car and spots a disheveled John Heard, a.k.a. Detective Vin Makazian, taking a whiz in the bushes. Tony throws a pebble at him and then bitches him out for defiling the property: "My mother lives here." Makazian shrugs that it's an hour from his office and it's "inconvenient," and Tony sarcastically apologizes and suggests meeting down by Makazian's precinct instead. Makazian snaps, "What've you got for me?" Tony hands him a piece of paper with Melfi's name on it; he wants to know her routine, her background, but when Makazian asks why, Tony tells him it's "none of your fuckin' business." Makazian vents a little about his low income and two alimonies, and Tony tells him he doesn't want Melfi touched or bothered, "just the who-when-why, that's it." More back-and-forth about Makazian's gambling debts and whether Tony will lay off the vig. Makazian angles for, and gets, a macaroon.

Jackie's hospital room. The boys have gathered around the bed; Silvio mutters, "I can't deal with this." A shot of Jackie, purple-lidded, sleeping. "What kind of God? Huh?" Tony mumbles. Enter Christopher; Tony jumps up and snaps, "Where've you been?" He takes in the sight of Christopher -- shiny Adidas shirt, neck brace, gold pendants wedged in under neck brace -- and pats his face and asks what happened, and Christopher chokes out, "Brendan's dead." Tony: "What're you talking about?" Jackie mumbles incoherently. Christopher says that "Brendan's brains're floating in his bathtub" and that it's "a message job -- through the eye," and Pussy makes a comment about Moe Green, and Tony grumps, "Fuckin' Uncle Junior," and Paulie doesn't know what Pussy's talking about so Pussy explains the subplot from The Godfather and they quibble over it, and Christopher mentions that Mikey Palmice does hits for Junior, and Jackie babbles that "I'm at the World Trade Center," and everyone stops talking for a moment to stare at Jackie. Then Christopher takes a gun out and cocks it. Tony asks him what he's doing; Mikey's "a made guy." Christopher growls that Mikey "didn't have the balls to do it himself, [he] contracted these fucking Russians [the guys who beat Christopher up in the previous episode] and he killed my friend." He storms out. Tony follows. Silvio mutters something about sending a message, then confirms that getting shout through the mouth "means the guy was a rat." Paulie says conversationally that "through the eye is just how Francis [Ford Coppola] framed the shot. For the shock value." Heh. I love Paulie.

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