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Out in the hall, Christopher argues that "Brendan didn't deserve this, so don't try to talk me out of it," but Tony tells Christopher again that he can't mess with Mikey. Paulie comes out with two cents in hand as Christopher goes on to say that "your fucking uncle is pissing on your head, what do you expect me to do?" Paulie says that he's "on it, T" -- he knows where Mikey lives. "No," Tony says, pointing at Christopher, "he tries to leave, you break his other neck." He thumps Paulie on the shoulder and leaves.

As he waits for the elevator, Tony eyes a workman hammering something on the ceiling, and Tony and the camera both zoom in on a staple gun sitting on the scaffolding. Foreshadowing? Check.

Cut to Mikey, chilling in his car. Tony gets out of his car, parked behind Mikey's, and makes with the jocular: "Hey, Mister GQ, you got a ticket. How you doin', Mikey?" Mikey makes uncomfortably polite noises and starts to get out of the car; Tony punches him in the face, knocks him down, and keeps punching him as Mikey groans in pain, "Son of a bitch!" Tony notes that Mikey's suit is ripped, offers to fix it for him, and does so by staple-gunning Mikey's torso; Mikey continues to writhe and struggle. Tony bitch-slaps Mikey once more for good measure, snapping, "This is overdue," and stalks off, wiping off the staple gun with his jacket and dropping it in the street.

Uncle Junior, eating pizza and amusing his boys with a racist joke. Tony barges up to him: "You gonna stop this before it gets outta hand?" Junior, trying to look like a nice guy: "Not even a hello?" "I'm here 'cause I love you, and I respect you," Tony begins grimly, but Junior loses the smile and cuts him off: "Don't pretend you're paying me respect. A son who throws his mother in an insane asylum. She lives like a poverett' up there." That's none of Junior's business, Tony says, but Junior shoots back that Tony's friends interfere in Junior's business and he's expected to turn the other cheek. Tony argues that they made good on the truck, but Junior isn't having it: "I'm sittin' here like patience on the monument, waiting for discipline to be handed down." Tony snarls that he runs his crew his way, and what Junior did "was extreme." Junior tries to pull rank on Tony, but Tony scoffs that he'd like to see Junior take it to Jackie "on his deathbed." Junior thinks for a minute, then asks, "That nephew of yours we gave a high colonic -- he earns good?" Tony doesn't get it, but agrees, "He's comin' up." Junior announces that Christopher now works for him. "Excuse me?" Tony asks in disbelief. "Maybe he gives you agita for a change," Junior smirks. Tony tells Junior he's got some nerve: "Absolutely not." Junior gets to his feet and trots out a Livia line: "I show you my hand, and you slap it away." Tony draws him close and asks what's the matter with him, why can't they talk anymore, and Junior makes with the furious calm: "Out. Next time you come in, you come heavy or not at all," and sits back down. Tony curls his lip and says with a forbidding smile, "You don't mean that." Junior flicks his eyes in Tony's direction but doesn't answer. Tony leaves the restaurant.

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