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Gene arrives with lunch for Christopher and Vito, and is disappointed to hear that Tony's already gone. Vito scans the food for something he can have on his diet, and settles on a hot dog without the bun. And I just paused the picture on Vito sticking the hot dog in his mouth, which made me giggle. Vito leaves the room, and Gene asks Christopher if Tony said anything about his retirement. Chirstopher is noncommittal, and then tells Gene that he needs to give a deadbeat guy in Boston "final notice." Gene thinks he needs to run it by Vito, since Vito's his captain. Christopher says it's all good, and Gene asks if this is from Tony, probably thinking that this is his price for retirement. Christopher says it's coming from him, and points out that he's a captain, too. Gene agrees to it. Christopher says he needs it to happen right away, and promises to put in a good word with Tony once it's done. Gene looks haunted.

Tony is at the sushi restaurant by himself, pigging out and burping. Don't know what that was all about.

Gene and Deanne are on speakerphone with their realtor as they look at photos online of the house they want to buy. They're both gleeful about their potential purchase. Deanne says, "If we lose this house, I'm gonna die." I so thought she was a goner, right there. ["Heh. Totally. Glark went, 'This'll end well.'" -- Wing Chun]

At Casa di Soprano, Carmela yells upstairs and asks Tony what he wants to do for dinner. Tony, upstairs in the master suite, says he'll be right down. He goes into the bathroom and weighs himself. The scale is at about 285. He steps off, removes his shoes, and tries again. Still not happy with the number, he removes his pants, and tries again. Now it's at 280. Tony nods as if he's thinking, "Okay! As long as it's not over 280."

Tony heads downstairs to the kitchen. Carmela mentions dinner again. The camera is placed really far from the action, so that we see the empty dining room table and breakfast bar in the foreground, and Tony and Carmela in the background. I'm guessing this is to symbolize how empty their house is, or how with everything they have at home, they still need to go outside of it to meet their desires. Or maybe the director just liked how the doorway framed the action. Anyway, Carmela wants to go back to the sushi place, but Tony says he had lunch there alone. Carmela is disappointed that he went without her, since it's their special place. Tony thinks Carmela suspects he was with a woman, but she denies that that's the problem. She thought it was nice with "no kids around, without [her] parents." The shot changes to the long shot again, as if to emphasize how Carmela is complaining about how crowded their house is, when it's actually quite empty. Tony offers to go again, but Carmela thinks that would be silly. Tony tries to make it okay, but Carmela gets all passive-aggressive about it. Tony mentions the car, to remind her of a time he did something right, and she just nods.

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