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Gene walks into a hamburger place in Boston. He walks up to the mark, shoots him three times, drops the gun from his gloved hand, and walks out. So he left the gun, but he didn't take the cannoli.

Gene drives home to New York while listening to "Dreaming" by Blondie. He notices a splotch of blood on his face, and uses his finger to remove it. He wipes his finger on a map, leaving a streak of blood on the greater Utica/Rome area. You decide what the symbolism is there.

Carmela goes to visit Ginny Sack. Ginny admits that she hasn't been answering the phone due to calls from creditors. Carmela wants to kidnap Ginny for a spa date, but doesn't offer to treat. Carm has also very obviously parked her new car right in front of Ginny's house, and Ginny spots it (how could she not?) and asks if it's new. Carmela acts like she didn't do it on purpose, and like she's not using her new car to make herself feel better about her good fortune compared to Ginny's.

In the back room if the Bing, Vito is going on and on about his workout routine to Silvio. Vito thinks Tony should work out too, because "God forbid he ever has a heart attack." Gene plays pool and listens in. A waitress opens the door and tells Vito that he's in the handicapped spot and needs to move his car. Vito leaves, giving Silvio the opportunity to tell Gene that the "Florida thing" is "a no-go" because Gene is "part of the team." Gene points out that he just "did that thing," but Silvio says that's not his department. Gene asks if he can appeal to Tony, and Silvio says that Tony can't be bothered, because he's out on his new boat. Gene points out that he won't talk about anything, given how culpable he is himself. Silvio shrugs and walks out. Vito returns and says, "It's not so silly when you think about it. I'm a top earner now. It's not out of the realm of possibility that I could be the boss of this family one day. I mean, God forbid, Tony ever gets cancer, coronary, something like that." At first, I thought Vito was responding to Gene getting denied, but I don't think he heard it, or even knew about it. I think he was following up on the conversation they were having when he left the room, about Tony possibly having a heart attack. But who knew Vito had ambitions? Maybe he's been talking to Phil a little too much.

Tony's out on his new boat, the Stugots II, when he gets a phone call. It's his sister, Barbara, who's sitting with Uncle Junior. She's had a family emergency, and her husband's in the hospital. Tony tells her to leave as Junior retches in the background. Barbara says that Junior is "exceptionally agitated" and won't let her leave. Tony tells her to call Bobby and Janice, but Barbara reports that they said they can't do it and wouldn't elaborate. Barbara apologizes, but Tony tells her that it's all right. He hangs up, and gets a tone warning him that his phone battery is low. He dials Janice anyway, but his phone cuts out before the call can connect, so Tony chucks it.

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